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Wasp Killer | Wasp Nest Killer | Wasp Nest Destroyer

Expert wasp control
At Pest Expert we specialize in supplying only the highest quality wasp control products for amateur use. Our specialist range includes wasp nest foams and wasp nest powder along with a wasp protection jacket to protect you during treatment.

Wasps are vitally important for the ecosystem as they prey on small insects and help with natural biocontrol in agriculture. They can however be dangerous to small children or pets who stumble across their nests. Their stings can often be painful and could cause an allergic reaction in many people, so elimination or safe removal of a nest is important.

Wasp nest removal
Wasps nests are usually first detected when wasps are spotted flying out from under roof tiles or eaves of a property. Wasps nests are also often found in lofts roof spaces, in outbuildings and garden sheds and in trees.

Destroying a wasp nest can, in most cases, be a simple process provided you have the correct product for the job. There are two main types of application depending on whether or not you can see the nest:

If the nest is visible, then you can use a wasp nest foam, a powerful aerosol spray that allows you to treat the nest from a safe distance. If you can't see the nest, then you should use a wasp nest powder, a contact dust that is applied to the entry point so that the wasps take it back into the nest on their legs and wings. We always recommend that you wear a wasp protection jacket or some other form of head, hand and body protection when treating a nest. It is best to tackle a nest in the early morning or evening, when the wasps are less active.

Wasp nest killer products
For everything you need to kill a wasps nest in your home or business, please find below our full range of products including Digrain and Rentokil Wasp Nest Destroyer Foam and Rentokil Wasp Nest Killer Powder.

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Digrain Wasp & Hornet Nest Destroyer
Digrain Wasp & Hornet Nest Destroyer is a highly effective wasp nest killer foam suitable for treating visible wasps nests. The powerful jet aerosol allows treatment from a safe distance of 3m. Kills nests within 24hr. Each can will treat up to 4 wasps nests. Contains permethrin and tetramethrin.
Price £12.95 incl. VAT
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Pest Expert Formula 'P' Wasp Nest Killer Powder 300g
Pest Expert Wasp Nest Powder is a potent wasp nest killer, ideal for treating inaccessible wasps nests from the point of entry. Destroys nests within 24hr of treatment. Easy-to-use puffer pack. Contains permethrin.
Price £6.95 incl. VAT
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Rentokil Wasp Nest Destroyer Foam
Rentokil Wasp Nest Destroyer is an excellent wasp nest killer foam suitable for the treatment of wasps nests from 2m away. Kills wasps in the nest within 24hr. Each can will treat up to 3 wasps nests. Contains d-phenothrin and tetramethrin.
Price £6.95 incl. VAT
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