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**SPECIAL OFFER** Pest Expert Clothes Moth Killer Papers

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Best before start date 22-09-2024 (6 months from this date) - All products are sealed in an air tight cellophane packet meaning they will work for a much longer period than the best before start date.

Heavily discounted bargain price!

Pest Expert Clothes Moth Killer Papers are designed for protecting garments and fabrics in drawers and wardrobes from clothes moth infestation.

  • Outstanding clothes moth protection for 6 months
  • Kill all life cycle stages - from eggs and larvae to adult clothes moths
  • Can be used in drawers, wardrobes and storage chests
  • Each pack contains 10 perforated papers in 2 strips of 5 pieces
  • Odourless and non-staining
Product Information
Pest Expert Clothes Moth Killer Papers are new-to-market and contain the strongest concentration of the fast-acting pyrethroid insecticide transfluthrin (0.49%) available for amateur use. Each strip offers outstanding protection for up to 6 months, killing clothes moths at all stages of the life cycle – from eggs to larvae to adults. Pest Expert Clothes Moth Killer Strips are completely odourless, ensuring that your wardrobe and clothing remain fresh and protected against moth damage.

Pest Expert Moth Killer Papers have an outstanding success rate at eradicating moths quickly and playing a key part in comprehensive clothes moth prevention. The Moth Papers can be separated into individual pieces along the perforations and used to line drawers or inserted between layers of clothing or bedding, providing protection to stored garments and fabrics. Strips can also be attached to wardrobe doors or hung over clothing rails or hangers. Each section of moth paper has a calendar to clearly indicate when you should replace them.

Directions for use
Each pack contains 10 perforated papers in 2 strips of 5 pieces. Each 5-piece strip will provide protection to a space of approx 1 cubic metre, which equates to 1-2 large drawers or a standard single wardrobe.

For a complete moth treatment package, see our best-selling Clothes Moth Kits, which contain a  combination of our most effective products for clothes moth control, including Formula ‘C’ Clothes Moth Killer Spray and Formula ‘P+’ Foggers as well as Moth Cassettes, Moth Killer Papers and Clothes Moth Traps.


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Customer Reviews

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Reviewer: Gary from Stratford   5 Stars

Excellent product, worked just as the website said. A very impressive company!!!

Reviewer: Henry from Liverpool   5 Stars

Arrived promptly the next day and put straight in the storage boxes! Works as stated on the website, so I'm a very content customer.

Reviewer: Amara from Blackburn   5 Stars

Nothing but praise for these papers. Having used Rentokil before, I thought I'd try a new brand! Price was great and the product works very well

Reviewer: Amy from Kenilworth   5 Stars

The product was welll priced and arrived quickly once the order was placed. I have now used the product and I'm incredibly happy with the way the treatment is panning out! I see less and less moths all the time

Reviewer: Charlotte from Darlington   5 Stars

Soooo good! Thanks Pest-Expert - these really helped to minimise the damage to the clothes in the drawers :)

Reviewer: Liam from Glasgow   5 Stars

Really impressed with the product! Not seen any new holes in my clothes since implementing the papers! Fast delivery too!

Reviewer: maka from London   5 Stars

Deffo does what it says on the tin!

Next day delivery as standard, outstanding advice, products which do what they say they will. I'm 100% satisfied. Well done Pest Expert!