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Rodent Bait Trays (Pack of 20)

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These rodent bait trays can hold both Pest Expert Formula 'B' grain bait rodenticide and poison bait blocks and are designed for open baiting in secure areas.

  • Pack of 20 trays
  • Hold both grain bait and bait blocks
  • For open baiting in secure areas
Product information
Rodent bait trays are designed to hold all types of rodenticide, either loose grain or block bait. Bait trays are perfect for establishing feeding points in secure areas, e.g. under kitchen sinks, behind kickboards and in lofts or roof spaces.

Directions for use
Fill trays with a small amount of grain bait or a bait block and place in secure areas (see above_ where rodent activity has been noticed. Check bait points every 5-7 days and replace poison as necessary until no more is taken.

Open baits should never be placed in areas accessible to children, pets, birds or other non-target wildlife. For safe outdoor baiting, rodenticide should always be contained within our heavy-duty lockable rodent bait stations.

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