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Rentokil Seal & Kill Mouse Trap (Twinpack)

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These Rentokil Seal and Kill Mouse Traps are a hygienic, safe and easy-to-use method of mouse control. For best results use in conjunction with mouse poison or mouse glue traps.

  • Easy to bait and use
  • Enables hygienic disposal of the mouse with no contact
  • Seals in parasites and other contaminants.
  • Ideal for use around children and/or pets as no risk to fingers
Product Information
This self-contained unit from Rentokil is a highly effective mouse trap. Easy to set and use, it dispatches mice quickly, sealing in the dead mouse along with parasites, odours and other contaminants. Allows clean and easy disposal with no contact with the dead rodent. The plastic housing means the trap is only accessible to mice, making it perfectly safe for use in homes with children and/or pets as there is no risk to fingers. This makes it a more family-friendly alternative to mouse poison or mouse glue traps.

Directions for use
To set the trap, first insert bait into the small bait plug and then push down the lever until it is horizontal. Place the trap on a flat surface wherever mouse activity has been noticed, ideally along the edge of a room, with the entry point nearest to the wall. Once a mouse has been caught, simply throw the trap away. 

For best results, bait with chocolate or peanut butter.


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