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Rentokil Insectrol Moth Spray

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Rentokil Insectrol Moth Spray is a highly effective space spray, ideal for the rapid knockdown of adult carpet moths and clothes moths.

  • Insecticidal space spray
  • Rapid knockdown of carpet and clothes moths
  • Fast and effective moth control.
Product Information
Rentokil Insectrol is a highly effective moth spray, ideal for the rapid knockdown of adult carpet moths and clothes moths. It is intended for use as a space spray in conjunction with other moth control products as part of a comprehensive moth treatment.

As it contains the broad spectrum insecticides tetramethrin and D-phenothrin, it is also effective against a wide range of other flying and crawling insects.

Directions for use
Prior to using Insectrol in an affected room, all doors and windows should be closed.The spray should be administered for approx 15 seconds at a distance of 60 to 90cm. The room should be kept closed for around 20 minutes after treatment.
Insectrol Moth Spray should not be sprayed directly onto clothes, bed linen, furniture or plants.

For a more comprehensive carpet or clothes moth treatment, we would recommend use in conjunction with our Formula 'C' Moth Spray and a Formula 'P' Fogger to fumigate the room.

For value for money, please see our Carpet Moth Treatment Kits and our Clothes Moth Killer Kits which contain a range of our best moth control products. 

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