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Rentokil Insectrol Bed Bug Spray

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Rentokil Insectrol Spray is an aerosol that is ideal for bed bugs treatment of hard-to-reach areas.

  • Fast knockdown of bed bugs
  • Long-lasting bed bug control
  • Perfect for blasting hard-to-reach areas.
Product information
Rentokil Insectrol Spray is a powerful aerosol insecticide that is excellent for blasting hard-to-reach areas, cracks and crevices where bed bugs and their eggs can often be found harbouring, for example between slats on bed-frames, beneath the stitching on the hessian covers of divan bases.

Containing the active ingredients permethrin (0.46%w/w) and d-Allethrin (0.13%w/w), Insectrol Spray is a highly effective bed bug killer, delivering a rapid knockdown of bed bugs and also offering long-lasting residual protection to help maintain bed bug control.

Directions for use
On frames, direct spray into gaps between slats and frame.

On divan bases, spray around or ideally underneath the edge of stitching and staples on the hessian cover.

Not recommended for treating mattresses or headboards as the spray is oil-based so may damage or stain fabrics.

To achieve the best results, use in conjunction with our other bug killing products such as Pest Expert Formula 'C' Bed Bug Spray, Formula 'P' Bed Bug Powder and Formula 'P' Foggers or Smoke Bombs. A combination of our best bed bug products can be found in our Bed Bug Treatment Kits, which offer unbeatable value for money.

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