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Rat Glue Traps | Rat Glue Boards (6 Pack)

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Pest Expert Rat Glue Traps, Rat Glue Boards are a professional-standard product guaranteed to deliver rapid results.

Heavy-duty plasticised board – not cheap, lightweight card variety

  • Extra-strong adhesive ensures effective trapping
  • Measure 34 x 22cm – larger than most other glue traps on the market
  • Perfect for use when other rat control measures have failed or are unsuitable glue traps for rats have a high success rate
Product Information
Also known as rat glue boards and sticky rat traps, this product is the fastest way to get rid of rats in your home or business. Unlike other methods of rodent control, which rely on rats taking bait, rat glue boards simply trap rats as they run over them and become stuck to the extra-strong adhesive.

Glue traps for rats are ideal for use in situations where rats have an alternative food source and so poison is not taken or where the use of baiting is unsuitable; for example, restaurants, bakeries, shops and food processing plants. As well as being widely used in professional and commercial contexts, glue traps for rats
 are now also becoming more popular for domestic use, again in areas where perhaps even the best rat poison cannot be tolerated, or in flats or terraced houses where rodents are often travelling through.

Their virtually non-drying adhesive means that these Glue Traps can remain effective for months in normal conditions, and their special folding design means they can be stored during the day and then re-laid overnight. (Approx shelf-life of 12 months).

Directions for use
Rats do not have very good eyesight, so tend to feel their way around the edges of an area. For best results rat glue boards should be placed around the edges of a room or against walls etc. In addition, they can also be placed anywhere that rat droppings or other activity has been noticed.

When using rat glue boards as a method of rodent control, to comply with the Animal Welfare Act 2006 you must check them at least twice every 24 hours and ensure they are inaccessible to non-target species. Upon discovery of a caught mouse or rat, please be sure to dispatch captured rodents as quickly and humanely as possible.

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Customer Reviews

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Reviewer: Farhan from Buckinghamshire   5 Stars

Caught the rat in minutes

Caught a rat about a quarter of the size of the board within less than an hour of putting the board out in my kitchen.

Reviewer: Bella from Staffordshire    5 Stars

It really works!!!

We are have some major building works done, so doors are either opened or don't exist. During this time an uninvited guest decides to to move in. We tried bait but nothing seemed to work. First night we put the glue trap down within an hour or 2 it had been trapped and the rat was almost the size of the the glue trap. The glue held it down, absolutely excellent quality, hope I never have to use it again.

Reviewer: Mike Jace from North London    5 Stars

Amazingly Awesome 👌 👏 😎 🙌 😍 😀

Absolutely Five Stars Product. Used 2 boards. Caught 3 mice on one board and an hour later caught 7 mice on the other.

Reviewer: George from London   5 Stars

Effective product

I use it just 2 days and pest eliminated. I recommend this product

Reviewer: Karen from West mids   5 Stars

At last

Thankyou from a terrified of all things that squeak with long tails...after the cat indicated that we had this issue and me going into a meltdown ...we went into ninja way was this furry mo fo gonna get the best of me..(she says still shaking in her boots) we hit it with poison..rat traps that resembled something that could be used on a bear..peppermint oil..electronic devices..and finally these sticky pads..we ripped the kickboards off my kitchen cupboards.

(Yes they were in my kitchen) and placed the pads around poison traps turns out we had rats that could put themselves forward for total wipeout..and were members of tip..always wear gloves..leave no scent on anything..and just keep adding new obstacles eventually you will outfox them..we have caught 2 and no sign of anything for a few days..the gaulet is still in place as i'm conviced words out that theres a nice warm place with laced fingers of fudge all u can eat buffet..also top tip marry someone that doesn't mind sorting rats on a pad..🙂

Reviewer: Evan from London   5 Stars

Thank God for the glue board !!

We used rat poison for years and because of its slow killing effect the rats would die under the floor board a stink out the house .

the boards trap the rats and hold them fast however big or small . Easily the best rat trap and I totally recommend this method .

Reviewer: Hajra from London   5 Stars

Excellent 👍👍👍

Reviewer: Suzy from London   5 Stars

It really work!With 6 pics,I cautght 3 mice.This is the second time I bought this glue traps,but I think there may be a hole in wall so I can’t caught all of them.If you meet endless mice in your house,I think it is better to move to another place.

Reviewer: Mr C K Condie from Welwick   5 Stars

If the creature extermination process is as efficient as the ordering process, I will be highly satisfied.

Good company to deal with in this instance. From beginning to end, the order was handled in a satisfactory and competent manner. Delivery was spot on. Would have no hesitation in dealing with this company again.

Reviewer: Doug from Kings Lynn   5 Stars

very pleased with the service thanks

great thanks

Reviewer: Alin Rosculet from London   5 Stars

Fantastic Service and Product!

Fast delivery, Great Customer Service. I purchased the product to declare war on the fruit flies that we're driving me crazy at home and I won the battle. Product was fast and effective and great value for money in comparison to other companies I looked at online. Highly Recommend.

Reviewer: Rajesh Pindoriya from London   5 Stars

Great Product

Great Product Really Works

Reviewer: Akhtar Hussain from Huddersfield   5 Stars

good product and fast service

good product and fast service. was kept informed of my order.

Reviewer: Jake from Maidenhead   5 Stars

Good product!

The product is easy to use and is effective. Important, though, is to monitor regularly to minimise suffering of the rodent. One of its great merits is how well designed it is, making it very easy to open and place.

Reviewer: susan barry from London   5 Stars

quick order

The prices were the most competative, and my first order arrived nxt day. Ordered a larger quantity after that wirh prompt delivery. Hope I wont need to reorder pest supplies, but if I do will use this company again. Quick del is important if you discover vermin

Reviewer: Michael from Thornton Heath   5 Stars

Great service

Item arrived as described, quickly and in great condition