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Pest Expert XL Formula P+ Cluster Fly Killing Fogger (530ml)

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The new Pest Expert XL Formula 'P+' Power Fogger is a super-size Fogger, making it ideal for treating cluster fly infestations in lofts and open-plan living areas.

  • Super-size aerosol fumigation device (ULV)
  • Fast knockdown of cluster flies in lofts and open-plan areas
  • No fire risk as does not need to be lit
  • Treats areas over 300m3 for flies
Product Information
The Pest Expert XL Formula 'P+' Power Fogger is a super-size cluster fly fumigator which is ideal for flushing out cluster flies from larger areas such as lofts and open-plan living spaces, as each 530ml Fogger will eradicate cluster flies from a space of more than 300 cubic m. 

The Power Fogger works in the same way as a traditional smoke bomb, but does not need to be lit, so it poses no fire hazard and will not set off smoke alarms. This new Fogger contains 100% natural pyrethrins and has a simple push-down trigger mechanism, making it a safe, easy-to-use yet highly effective cluster fly killer.

Directions for Use
Check roof spaces for bats or evidence of bats.

Pets/children should be kept out of area at time of treatment and until gas has completely dispersed (2-3 hours). Any fish tanks should be removed and water tanks in lofts should be covered.

Close any windows and doors and place Fogger in the centre of the area to be treated.

Remove cap and tear off plastic strip. Push down on trigger and twist slightly to lock in place. The contents will take 90 seconds to be dispersed.

Vacate area for 2-3 hours and then ventilate upon return.

NB We would recommend wearing a safety mask when using this product.

Use when you notice signs of cluster fly activity. The Formula 'P+' Power Fogger is an essential component in the treatment of a cluster fly infestation and is best used in combination with a residual insecticide such as Pest Expert Formula 'C' Cluster Fly Spray for longer-lasting cluster fly control.  For value for money, please see our Cluster Fly Control Kits which contain a range of our best cluster fly treatment products.

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Customer Reviews

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Reviewer: John from Penrith   5 Stars

After nearly a year of flies, we stumbled across Pest Expert, ordered a large fogger which arrived the next day! After setting it off you could really see what a fantastic product it is! Incredibly impressed with the results, thanks so much guys...

Reviewer: Calvin from Warwick   5 Stars

Efficient service, products work, job well done! 1 shot with the large fogger and the flies are gone! Excellent :-)

Reviewer: Victoria from London   5 Stars

Ordered one day and it arrived the next day. The XL Fogger was extremely effective and the flies are no more. Couldn't ask for better service - highly recommended to anyone that really wants to get rid of cluster flies!

Reviewer: Warwick from Hereford   5 Stars

We regularly use this product and it certainly helps to control the little blighters! Pest Expert are a highly recommended company!

Reviewer: Dexter from Skegness   5 Stars

Product was easy & clean to use and got rid of the flies. Service was quick and efficient. Would recommend

Reviewer: Yasmine from Essex   5 Stars

Does what it says on the tin - kills flies in their thousands! Second to none service!

Reviewer: Kim from Tamworth   5 Stars

Can't fault Pest Expert, great service and product! The XL really knocked down the flies!

Reviewer: Mike from Bristol   5 Stars

Excellent service

The order was delivered by courier the next day. Spot on