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Pest Expert Ultimate Cockroach Killer Spray (10L) & 3 x Powders – Professional Strength

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This Ultimate Cockroach Pack contains our strongest and most effective cockroach killer products, providing unrivalled results in various situations. Treating 100 square meters, this kit provides effective treatment for a whole house/business premises.

  • Powerful Professional Grade Formulation, only recently approved for amateur use
  • Unique advanced triple active concentrate - Exclusive to Pest Expert
  • Unrivalled fast-acting knockdown and long-lasting residual
  • Ideal for an intensive treatment, or controlling large cockroach infestations
  • For the control of cockroaches, makes up to 10L, 7.5L on porous surfaces
  • Dilutes to treat 100m2.

Pest Expert Formula ‘P+’ Ultimate Ultimate Killer is our latest maximum-strength insecticide concentrate. The only product on the UK market to contain three active ingredients, makes it unrivalled in its ability to rapidly control all levels of cockroach infestations, from minor to severe. Pest Expert Formula ‘P+’ Ultimate Insect Killer is a maximum-strength insecticide concentrate ideal for controlling cockroach infestations.

The unique professional grade formulation has only recently been approved for amateur use. Containing three powerful active ingredients: Tetramethrin (0.9%), Permethrin (6%) and PBO it provides both a rapid knockdown and long-lasting residual. This exclusive combination of actives cannot be found anywhere else and makes Formula 'P+' the strongest cockroach-killing insecticide available on the amateur market. A 100ml concentrate bottle will dilute to treat 100 square metres. Formula ‘P+’ attacks the cockroaches nervous system, working quickly upon contact and/or when ingested to eradicate even large cockroaches infestations.

In addition, Formula ‘P’ Cockroach Killer Powder is included which is a highly effective cockroach treatment powder that eradicates all the lifecycle stages of cockroaches. The active ingredient, permethrin (0.5% w/w), is a powerful broad-spectrum insecticide that provides lasting control against cockroaches. The easy-to-use puffer pack makes for easy application to treatment areas and the powder based delivery method is ideally suited for use in areas close to electrical items and sockets, where a spray wouldn’t be usable. The powder is an essential component of any professional cockroach treatment.

This pack contains:
1 x Pest Expert Formula P+ Advanced Cockroach Killer Concentrate (makes up to 10 litres)
3 x  Pest Expert Formula P Cockroach Killer Powder 300g

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Customer Reviews

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Reviewer: Anna from London   5 Stars

Nothing to say other than these products are highly effective at killing cockroaches. Within 24 hours the majority of the infestation had gone and it was fully gone within a couple of day - a very effective treatment.

Reviewer: Elliott from Glasgow   5 Stars

This kit was amazing. I never write reviews but feel compelled to tell the internet how effective these products were. Anyone with a cockroach problem should purchase this, the concentrate spray was unbelievable - highly recommended.

Reviewer: David from Islington   5 Stars

The two products in this kit complemented each other well to fully eradicate our problem within 5 days. After trying countless products, I'm impressed and happy to find a product that actually works.

Reviewer: Yasim from Bradford   5 Stars

Fantastic combination of products! The cockroaches quickly died in our kitchen and they haven't returned.