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Pest Expert Spider Killer Kit

£23.95 incl. VAT
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This kit has been carefully designed to carry out a successful spider treatment in the home, garage or garden shed. The combination of products ensures rapid knockdown and long-lasting spider control.

  • Combination of spider products delivers fast knockdown of spiders
  • Provides long-lasting spider control for up to 12 weeks!
  • Includes spider spray, powder and smoke bombs
  • Provides successful spider control in a home, garage or garden shed.

Product Information

Our Spider Kit contains a combination of our best-selling spider killer products to help you carry out a professional treatment in your home, garage or garden shed. Containing Pest Expert Formula C, the strongest spider spray on the market, alongside a potent spider killer powder and insecticidal smoke bombs, this kit will provide excellent results in a wide array of situations.

1 x 1litre Pest Expert Formula C+ Spider Killer Spray - Formula 'C' is a highly-effective carpet moth killer product that offers both fast-acting and long-lasting carpet moth control. Containing three powerful active ingredients, including an Insect Growth Regulator, Formula C+ kills spiders on contact and also leaves an insecticidal residue that continues to protect for up to 12 weeks, killing eggs and spiderlings as they transition through the life cycle stages.  A one litre trigger spray will cover 50 sq m and can be applied directly to anything that can take a light water mist.

1 x Pest Expert Formula P Powder - An insecticidal dust that kills all life cycle stages of the spider including eggs and spiderlings.

2 x 3.5g Pest Expert Formula P Smoke Bombs - The Formula 'P' Smoke Bomb is a spider killing smoke bomb which releases an insecticidal (permethrin) smoke and is ideal for getting rid of spider in the home, loft space, garage or garden shed

Directions for use

All our Spider Kits are supplied with a professional advice sheet containing step-by-step instructions on how to use the products to carry out a successful treatment.


The combination of products are best used in conjunction with each other and ideally used straight after each other as per the advice sheet.

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