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Pest Expert Professional Mouse Trap (Twinpack)

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These powerful mouse traps from Pest Expert are professionally designed and are a fast and humane method of rodent control.

  • Powerful spring mechanism, guarantees instant kill
  • Easy-to-set - just click the bar into place
  • Sensitive trigger plate to ensure successful trapping
  • Simple release for hygienic disposal
  • Robust design to catch even the largest mice

Pest Expert Professional Mouse Traps are powerful rat traps and the robust design ensures a humane and instant kill. The highly sensitive trigger and strong welded bar means even the largest sized mouse will be trapped and killed. Once the trap has triggered, the simple release mechanism allows for quick and hygienic disposal. The professional and robust design means this highly effective traps can be used repeatedly with maximum effect.

Directions for use

Ensure all alternate food sources are removed and place the trap in areas you’ve noticed rodent activity. Add some bait to the centre circle with a sweet, sticky attractant. Set the trap by pressing the bar down until it clicks into place in the rear catch and, once set, do not touch the front plate. Once trapped, use the easy release to dispose of the rat, double bag the body and place it in the general waste.


For best results, bait with peanut butter or chocolate spread. We advise wearing gloves and making sure the body is double bagged for safe disposal.

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