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Pest Expert Natural Flea Killer Powder

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100% NATURAL AND SAFE FOR PETS - PLEASE READ THIS IMPORTANT INFORMATION - Unlike many flea powders sold on the internet, Pest Expert Natural Flea Killer Powder is specifically produced for the safe treatment of fleas. Contains Chrysanthemum Cineraraefolium extract, which is not only highly effective but most importantly, 100% natural and safe to use around pets – even on pet bedding! Many flea powders contain the insecticide Permethrin, which can be seriously harmful and, in some cases, fatal to pets. We strongly advise against the use of alternative powders containing Permethrin for use around pets. A quick one-minute Google search will confirm this fact for you.

Pest Expert Natural Flea Killer Powder is a unique formulation of pyrethrum which is a highly effective flea killer and an essential part of any flea treatment and can even be applied to pet beds making it a great and safe alternative to flea spray!

  • Kills fleas and eggs
  • Residual insecticide for long-lasting pest control
  • Natural and pesticide-free, so safe for use around pets and can be used on pet bedding.
  • Easy-to-use puffer pack.

Product Information

Pest Expert Natural Flea Powder is a highly effective contact dust which kills both dog and cat fleas and can be used as part of a comprehensive treatment. Containing 100% Chrysanthemum Cineraraefolium, Pest Expert Natural Flea Powder is a natural, pesticide-free flea killer with an excellent knockdown effect. 

Flea Killing Powder - Directions for use

Sprinkle Pest Expert Natural Flea Killer Powder at a rate of 10g (50ml) per square metre. When applying to carpets, work the powder in with a soft brush. Apply broadly and pay specific attention to wall/floor crevices where insects harbour and fleas often lay their eggs, and areas where pets lie and rest. Treated areas should be vacuumed after 5-7 days to remove dead insects and the powder should be reapplied if the infestation persists.

Pack contents: 300g

Flea Powder - Recommendations

For a more comprehensive treatment, we would recommend use in conjunction with our Pest Expert Formula 'C' Flea Spray and Formula 'P' Flea Bombs to fumigate the room. 

Please also see our Flea 
Treatment Kits which contain a range of our best performing products.

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Customer Reviews

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Reviewer: Rob from Portsmouth   5 Stars

Excellent 👍👍👍 The fleas didn't last long after the first application!

Reviewer: Jacob from Lincoln   5 Stars

I have tried all different products and to no avail! Used your Formula D and hey presto problem solved!! Thank you very much

Reviewer: Jeremy from Kirby   5 Stars

Does what it says on the tin, good effective products delivered on time!

Reviewer: William from London   5 Stars

Really fast delivery and product works! Good value for money, highly recommended!

Reviewer: Lou from Market Rasen   5 Stars

Good web site, easy to find the products and information that you need! The flea powder was fantastic and the fleas are gone!

Reviewer: Hayley from Elsham   5 Stars

Just fantastic! Used the natural powder as I didn't want to harm my dog and by gosh did it work! So pleased with the results! Highly recommended!