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Pest Expert Mouse Glue Traps (72 Pack)

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Pest Expert Mouse Glue Traps are professional-standard mouse glue boards guaranteed to deliver rapid results. 

  • Extra-strong adhesive ensures effective trapping
  • Measure 22 x 14cm
  • Perfect for use when other mouse control measures have proved unsuccessful
Product Information
Known as mouse glue traps, mouse glue boards and sticky mouse traps, these Pest Expert boards are the fastest method of eradicating mice from your home or business. Mice will simply run over the traps and become stuck to the extra-strong adhesive, so there is no reliance on mice taking bait, which can often prove difficult when mice have another food source, for example in restaurants and other food premises.

As well as being widely used in professional and commercial contexts, mouse glue boards are now also becoming more popular for domestic use, again in areas where perhaps mouse poisons cannot be tolerated, or in flats or terraced houses where rodents are often travelling through.

Special folding design is useful when using in conditions where dust or other substances might stick to the adhesive and reduce effectiveness.

Directions for use
As mice cannot see very well, they tend to move around the edges of a room. For best results, glue boards should therefore be placed against walls or anywhere that mouse activity has been noticed.

As mouse glue boards are a live trap, when using them as a method of mouse control, they must be checked at least twice every 24 hours in order to comply with the Animal Welfare Act 2006. You must also ensure that they are inaccessible to non-target species. Please also be sure to dispatch captured mice as quickly and humanely as possible.

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Customer Reviews

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Reviewer: Alex from Halifax   5 Stars

Great product that actually works! We caught 3 mice within 2 days - fab!!

Reviewer: Phil from Chester   5 Stars

Nothing but praise for these glue traps! Worked overnight and my wife has finally given me some peace!

Reviewer: Natalia from London   5 Stars

Delivered within 24 hours and exactly as described! They worked like an absolute treat - glue traps are the best method of mouse control!

Reviewer: Theo from Falkirk   5 Stars

Excellent glue traps! Nothing else would work but these traps were fantastic!

Reviewer: Gabby from Oxford   5 Stars

Glue Traps are the best!! Nothing I've used will compare to these - finally sorted the mouse problem.

Reviewer: Bert from Somerset   5 Stars

Quick and easy process and good quality glue traps.