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Pest Expert Mouse Glue Traps (48 Pack)

£34.95 incl. VAT
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Pest Expert Mouse Glue Traps are professional-standard mouse glue boards guaranteed to deliver rapid results. 

  • Extra-strong adhesive ensures effective trapping
  • Measure 22 x 14cm
  • Perfect for use when other mouse control measures have proved unsuccessful
Product Information
Known as mouse glue traps, mouse glue boards and sticky mouse traps, these Pest Expert boards are the fastest method of eradicating mice from your home or business. Mice will simply run over the traps and become stuck to the extra-strong adhesive, so there is no reliance on mice taking bait, which can often prove difficult when mice have another food source, for example in restaurants and other food premises.

As well as being widely used in professional and commercial contexts, mouse glue boards are now also becoming more popular for domestic use, again in areas where perhaps mouse poisons cannot be tolerated, or in flats or terraced houses where rodents are often travelling through.

Special folding design is useful when using in conditions where dust or other substances might stick to the adhesive and reduce effectiveness.

Directions for use
As mice cannot see very well, they tend to move around the edges of a room. For best results, glue boards should therefore be placed against walls or anywhere that mouse activity has been noticed.

As mouse glue boards are a live trap, when using them as a method of mouse control, they must be checked at least twice every 24 hours in order to comply with the Animal Welfare Act 2006. You must also ensure that they are inaccessible to non-target species. Please also be sure to dispatch captured mice as quickly and humanely as possible.

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Customer Reviews

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Reviewer: Deniz from London   5 Stars

The only guaranteed trap

I have had mice infestations over the years and spent alot of money on snap traps which they manage to set off unharmed or avoid completely. I decided to try glue traps instead. I purchased a box of 48 as i figured i would lay the glue traps side by side along walls, door frames, areas of mice activity etc. its inconvenient and you have to be careful to not step on them but this is the only effective method i have found. Within a few days i had caught 2 mice side by side and also it gave me an indication of a possible entry hole (behind washing machine). If you want to eliminate mice get these traps and lay them everywhere!

Reviewer: John Rowlands from Portsmouth   5 Stars


These are the best devices I have ever used for mice, caught 2 within days, even though they were placed within sight in the kitchen. Yes many argue inhumane, but I've had experience of using snap traps and biting their way out, poison is very weak nowadays these, these didn't stand a chance and were easy to dispose of.

Reviewer: Alf from London   5 Stars

Really impressive product! The mice did not stand a chance once caught on the glue trap

Reviewer: Nelson from Doncaster   5 Stars

These glue traps work very well, caught mice on the 1st night they set down, been trying to catch these mice for weeks, but with these traps worked on the 1st night.

Reviewer: Tony from Islington   5 Stars

Excellent service and fast delivery - the mouse glue traps worked so well, definitely the best around!!

Reviewer: Eddie from Essex   5 Stars

Our mouse problem was fixed in 24 hours - really happy with the product ordered! Would definitely use again if needed

Reviewer: Natalie from Penzance   5 Stars

Second to none! The website, communication, delivery and quality of product were just fantastic! A pleasure to deal with.

Reviewer: Jake from Holyhead   5 Stars

First class service and a first class product! After using several different snap traps (which the buggers avoided) the mouse glue traps caught them! Would recommend 100%

Reviewer: Robbie from London   5 Stars

These glue traps work very well, caught mice on the 1st night they set down, been trying to catch these mice for weeks, but with these traps worked on the 1st night.

Reviewer: Shells from East London   5 Stars

These traps work so well and smell like bubble gum. Nothing like the cheap ones. It has shown me that the house is more infested than I thought. We have caught over 10 mice, as well as huge spiders, flies and other insects. It’s crazy because my house is not even dirty but now I’m so disgusted. Yesterday I was in the bathroom afternoon and I saw one so I put the trap there it caught it. I replaced it with another one and the next morning there was another. The only negative is that it is not an instant kill, which makes it a bit inhumane, however, you’ll catch a lot more with these then you will with a mouse trap.

Reviewer: Edward Lorkins from Benfleet   5 Stars

Works a treat

I have tried all sorts of mouse traps in the past with some success but the sticky pads works every time, and I don't have to keep fiddling about with bait.

Reviewer: Margaret Holt from Enfield   5 Stars

1st class service

Product glue mouse traps are excellent