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Pest Expert Mouse Glue Traps (24 Pack)

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Pest Expert Mouse Glue Traps are professional-standard mouse glue boards guaranteed to deliver rapid results, especially when used alongside mouse poison.

  • Extra-strong adhesive ensures effective trapping
  • Measure 22x14cm
  • Perfect for use when other mouse control measures have proved unsuccessful
Product Information
Mouse glue traps from Pest Expert are the fastest method of eradicating mice from your home or business. Mice will simply run over the traps and become stuck to the extra-strong adhesive, so there is no reliance on mice taking bait, which can often prove difficult when mice have another food source, for example in restaurants and other food premises.

As well as being widely used in professional and commercial contexts, mouse glue traps are now also becoming more popular for domestic use, again in areas where perhaps even the best mouse poison cannot be tolerated, or in flats or terraced houses where rodents are often travelling through.

The special folding design is useful when using in conditions where dust or other substances might stick to the adhesive and reduce effectiveness.

Directions for use
As mice cannot see very well, they tend to move around the edges of a room. For best results, sticky mouse traps should therefore be placed against walls or anywhere that mouse activity has been noticed.

As mouse glue boards are a live trap, when using them as a method of mouse control, they must be checked at least twice every 24 hours in order to comply with the Animal Welfare Act 2006. You must also ensure that they are inaccessible to non-target species. Please also be sure to dispatch captured mice as quickly and humanely as possible.

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Customer Reviews

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Reviewer: Fatmah Abdulaziz from Leicester    5 Stars

Good stuff

We've used so many different types of trap’s throughout the years and none have been as effective.

First night having them down and weve caught him 😃

Excellent stuff thank you

Reviewer: Berrin from Berkul   5 Stars

We have had 1 field mouse for over 2 weeks since my cat brought it in and lost it upstairs. Its been having living its best life in and out if our bedrooms we have tried everything but not been able to catch it. Has these sticky pads delivered and put them out the next morning before I left for work. Came home to find that the mouse was caught on the sticky pad . Unbelievable!!! Was extremely happy . Defiantly recommend this product to anyone who has a mouse problem

Perfect product !!

Reviewer: Naila Malik from Purley   5 Stars

Great product

Had these down a week and have caught 3 mice already! Just not sure how many more there are

Reviewer: Deborah from Liverpool    5 Stars

Great product

Had these down for 2 hours and caught 3 mice already when nothing else we tried worked...don't waste your time or money on any other kind of trap. Will definitely buy again.

Reviewer: Luke from Bradford    5 Stars

About Time

For the last 2 months we've been dealing with finding mouse droppings and hearing the rustling at night. Tried traditional mouse trap in different locations with different bait but nothing. Placed this is the exact same place I had a traditional trap and 2 hours later we have caught one.

Reviewer: Rob Singleton from Prescot   5 Stars

Game changer

We had been bothered by mice for months, bothered and outsmarted! Tried every trap you can imagine and every poison bait with no success. Kept awake at night, droppings in the bed, clothes chewed the lot.

Had these things down 24 hours and caught 6!! Absolutely superb, simple but superb.

Reviewer: Aly 123 from london   5 Stars

best ever

I caught 2 mice up to now ,great product 👍 👌 highly recommended 👌 if I run out i ll buy again definitely. Thank you pest expert !

Reviewer: Aly 123 from london   5 Stars

best ever

It works I put them for few hours and thats it mouse glued 👏👏👏👏

Reviewer: William from Market Rasen   5 Stars

Have used the glue boards before and will use them again! Great product!

Reviewer: Henry from Lincoln   5 Stars

Excellent service! Really good quality products and they do work! Have recommended Pest-Expert to family and friends!

Reviewer: David from Preston   5 Stars

High quality glue board - very sticky and effective!

Reviewer: Moneeza from Bradford   5 Stars

Fantastic product that actually works! Caught so many mice I cant even remember the total - thanks Pest-Expert!

Reviewer: Eric from York   5 Stars

Used 4 glue traps on the first night and caught 2 mice - lets hope we get the rest of them tonight :) great product!

Reviewer: Mark from London   5 Stars

Delivered promptly, quality item, caught a very clever mouse first night after various attempts with other methods.

Reviewer: Alan from Telford   5 Stars

Being the reluctant owner of an unwanted and very wily mouse that ignored all the traps I set around the house I resorted to Glue-traps and placed the boards around the walls as suggested. Caught the mouse within a few days, and also a few large spiders! Good stuff!

Reviewer: Samantha from Manchester   5 Stars

Really happy with my purchase! Put the glue boards in my kitchen at night and hey presto the pesky little mouse was caught by the morning!

Reviewer: Thomas from Liverpool   5 Stars

I bought mice glue traps and rat glue traps and they caught the mouse - same as last year. Product is good but delivery service emails texts etc are very helpful

Reviewer: Jerry from Exeter   5 Stars

Tried all different kinds of baited traps to catch mouse, but it either jumped over them or danced past them uninterested. Put the gluetraps down late afternoon and caught the mouse when it came out that night. Worked perfectly!

Reviewer: Carl from Lincoln   5 Stars

I received the glue traps one day after ordering and had a positive result the next day, caught two mice in two days!! I would not hesitate recommending this company

Reviewer: Geoff from Liverpool   5 Stars

We bought the glue traps and they do exactly what they are supposed to do... We caught 4 mice in one week! Product is of exceptional quality And there is no way a mouse can escape! This is definite must buy.. It's a life saver

Reviewer: Leighanne from Glasgow   5 Stars

My order was speedily dispatched, arrived when I was told it would and the glue traps were as described and are very strong and actually work unlike others that I have purchased .

Reviewer: Alexander from Manchester   5 Stars

We have tried different mouse traps with no luck

only glue trap solved the problem

Thank you

Reviewer: Alfredo from London   5 Stars

Tried cheap glue traps with no success in catching anything. Glue trap from pest-expert 100% success.

Reviewer: Abdullah from Bradford   5 Stars

I have bought glue traps before but these gave the best results .. I hope this make the mice think twice before they want to visit my house again.

Reviewer: Olivia from Halifax   5 Stars

Not used glue traps before, after years of rubbish snap-traps, these are the way forward. Caught two mice before I left the grainstore and a further 22 within 24 hours. Talk about stick like poop to a blanket, that is nothing to these. Thanks.

Reviewer: Alison from Birmingham   5 Stars

Brilliant caught 4 mice in one night. No sign of the little blighters since. careful you don't step on one badefooted sticks everywhere

Reviewer: Jimmy from Hereford   5 Stars

Really happy with the quality of the boards, they are much stickier than ones I've used previously! Caught all the mice in my kitchen!

Reviewer: Frank from Chesterfield   5 Stars

Chuffin' good pads! Had them out the last few nights and caught a lot of mice! Good price and fast delivery!

Reviewer: Liam from Manchester   5 Stars

Can't fault the glue boards, tried everything else and these are the only thing that catch the pesky mice!

Reviewer: Mohammed from Bradford   5 Stars

Nice product, caught many mice - have told my family about Pest-Expert!

Reviewer: Jordan from Halifax   5 Stars

Pest-Expert have an extensive product range and all of the products work! This time I purchased mouse glue boards and have had fantastic results. Really good product and fast delivery too!

Reviewer: Mick from Portsmouth   5 Stars

Easy to use and very effective ! Used 4 times = 4 mice. I would not hesitate to recommend this product

Reviewer: Adam from Saxilby   5 Stars

The glue traps was excellent in quality and catching 5 mice that invaded my home. At present no signs of mice and a happy customer. Having a young child unfortunately he got curious and stuck to glue trap, but easy removal with a few drops of oil. Delivery was also fine quality. A happy customer and will return again if needed.

Reviewer: Geoff from Glasgow   5 Stars

Fast delivery. Easy to use website. Theses glue traps are the best ones out there.

Reviewer: Carlos from Lincolnshire   5 Stars

Good communication and quick delivery. The best price for glue mouse traps I found and very good quality, they work, unlike many others I have tried. I have ordered from this company on several occasions now and never been disappointed.

Reviewer: Daniel from York   5 Stars

Quick delivery and effective mouse glue traps. Very well made

Reviewer: Del from Birmingham   5 Stars

Excellent product, I have used it a number of times over the years and it works 100% and i will continue to use it when needed.

Reviewer: Kerry from Oxford   5 Stars

Fantastic service, I Have ordered many times. Always arrives on time next day like clockwork. Good product. Thanks again

Reviewer: Basia from Southampton   5 Stars

The products arrived promptly and are working !!!

Reviewer: Keith from Cheltenham   5 Stars

Goods arrived as expected and worked.

Reviewer: Emily from Worksop   5 Stars

I'm terrified of mice, so have put off buying glue traps for a while. I'm so glad I've bought them, no scurrying heard for over a week!

Reviewer: Alexander from Halifax   5 Stars

Brilliant product! Fast delivery and caught 2 mice in the first night. Really happy with my purchase!

Reviewer: Liam from Liverpool   5 Stars

5 stars! Can say nothing else - the mouse glue traps are amazing!!

Reviewer: Russell from London   5 Stars

Mice are always bad in our area at this time of year but the mouse glue traps really help me keep the numbers down! Really good product - quick delivery too!

Reviewer: Christine from Wakefield   5 Stars

Fantastic product! Was overrun with mice and within a few days the population had dramatically dropped! Was sceptical at first, but the glue traps really do work

Reviewer: Harry from Devon   5 Stars

Have used these glue traps before and will continue to use them! Fantastic product and prompt delivery! Thanks again Pest-Expert!

Reviewer: Kirstie from Portsmouth   5 Stars

Excellent products and very good service

The Mouse Glue Traps really do work!!

Reviewer: Veronica from Hull   5 Stars

Brilliant service all round !

Found the product (Mouse Glue Traps)

Ordered it and paid

Here in 24 hours

Wish I'd found it ages ago !

Reviewer: Carl from Halifax   5 Stars

Purchased the 24 pack of Mouse Glue Traps, caught 5 mice in the first week! At least I have spares if the pesky blighters return! Great service!

Reviewer: Roy from Lincoln   5 Stars

Brilliant service all round! Products are second to none, delivery was prompt and website informative!

Thank you Pest-Expert for the Mouse Glue Traps!!

Reviewer: Geoff from Glasgow   5 Stars

Ordered on Tuesday, mouse glue traps were delivered on Wednesday, caught 3 mice that night! Thank you Pest-Expert - best mouse glue boards on the market! 5*

Reviewer: Michael from Cornwall   5 Stars

I received the mousetraps within 22 hours of ordering!

Marvellous mousetraps which work. 13 mice to date!

Reviewer: Mark from Liverpool   5 Stars


Used them for 4 nights and eradicated my issue - fantastic!

Reviewer: Lisa from Wrexham   5 Stars

I was sceptical about using glue boards but after reading the reviews I thought I'd give them a go! Wow is all I can say, 3 mice caught in the first night! Thank you Pest-Expert!

Reviewer: Thomas from Loughborough   5 Stars

Great service and a great product. We were kept informed of the progress of our order and received the package on time. We will use them again if needed.

Reviewer: Jamie from London   5 Stars

We were suffering from a major mouse invasion of our attic, the range of products available from Pest Expert are very effective. Delivery of the glue boards was prompt, I would recommend this company.

Reviewer: Natalia from Bedford   5 Stars

I was most impressed by the service that was provided and the advice.

The glue boards were fantastic and I will definitely use again!

Reviewer: Colin from Wrexham   5 Stars

Ordered and delivered 😊in 24hrs brilliant.

Caught 3 mince on the first night,fantastic!



Reviewer: Gerald from Southampton   5 Stars

A great selection of products in different formats with clear explanations on an easy to use website. Arrived quickly and well packaged - the glue boards worked very well, Thank you, I will use Pest Expert again.

Reviewer: Salim from Bradford   5 Stars

Super fast and got rid of the mouse problem

Reviewer: Shells from London   5 Stars

These traps work so well and smell like bubble gum. Nothing like the cheap ones. It has shown me that the house is more infested than I thought. We have caught over 10 mice, as well as huge spiders, flies and other insects. It’s crazy because my house is not even dirty but now I’m so disgusted. Yesterday I was in the bathroom afternoon and I saw one so I put the trap there it caught it. I replaced it with another one and the next morning there was another. The only negative is that it is not an instant kill, which makes it a bit inhumane, however, you’ll catch a lot more with these then you will with a mouse trap.

Reviewer: Ven from London   5 Stars

I was given this glue trap by my workplace, I've caught 2 mice. Devastated that there's more than 1, but I am very impressed with this trap. I had other glue traps down, and caught nothing. I can't highly recommend this product enough, brilliant.

Reviewer: Jay from Enfield   5 Stars

The best ever mouse glue. Job well done. Thank you.

Reviewer: Dawn from Birmingham   5 Stars

Excellent product! Caught on first night after 2 nights of not sleeping following mouse in my bedroom. Can't rate this product highly enough. Delivered next day as promised.

Reviewer: Aaron from Croydon   5 Stars

Great service and speedy delivery from Pest Expert. We had a problem with mice and I ordered the glue boards as have found them in the past to be the most effective method for catching mice. Usually they are too savvy for traditional traps.

Reviewer: PMC from Southampton   5 Stars

Great service. Mouse was caught on the first day the tape went down.

Reviewer: Dr Bokhari from Luton   5 Stars

This company helped us rid some unwanted guests. The glue mats caught the mice and we are so grateful. Delivered promptly. Recommended A****

Reviewer: Mirela from Newark   5 Stars

Very prompt delivery. Very useful product (sticky trap for mice). Sadly, I coughed two mice with 1 trap.

Reviewer: Michael from Manchester   5 Stars

Turned fairly quickly. Product is good. Have got 4 mice with these boards so far. Very solid product

Reviewer: Karen from Plymouth   5 Stars

Excellent service, superfast delivery and the glue traps solved the problems on the first night catching 6 mice. Perfect product from a very reliable company, I recommend them without hesitation AAA***

Reviewer: Richard from Wetherby   5 Stars

These are brilliant, have caught 3 mice within a week of having them. They are very very sticky.

Reviewer: Richard from Wetherby   5 Stars

These are brilliant, have caught 3 mice within a week of having them. They are very very sticky.

Reviewer: Mark from London   5 Stars

Incredible - does exactly what it says on the tin!

Caught the little critter within 30 mins

Highly recommended

Reviewer: Richard from York   5 Stars

The glue traps are the most effective trap I have ever used! I put 6 traps out and caught 4 mice on the first night! Wow - fantastic stuff!

Reviewer: Lewis from ROTHERHAM   5 Stars

Ordered at 15:45 on Wednesday, got my delivery 09:30 on Thursday - exceptional stuff! They really work too! One happy customer :)

Reviewer: Lynda from Essex   5 Stars

Have bought many different brands glue boards, Pest Experts' are head and shoulders above the rest - *****

Reviewer: Jamie from London   5 Stars

Once again Pest Expert come to my rescue!!! They only sell the best products, would recommend to anyone!

Reviewer: Tim from FARNHAM   5 Stars

Had to resort to using glue traps as the mice were running riot...first night caught 4 mice - absolutely fantastic.

Reviewer: Lianne from Tamworth   5 Stars

Been battling mice for months - two weeks with the glue boards and hey presto - they're gone - 5 STARS!!!

Reviewer: Kirstie from Great Yarmouth   5 Stars

Really pleased with the glue boards results were unexpectedly good!

Reviewer: Richard from Dartford   5 Stars

Fast delivery, good product choice and will use again.

There is a good choice at reasonable prices with a good delivery service. I will use this site again

Reviewer: Oliver from Wakefield   5 Stars

Service every bit as good as the website suggested

Reviewer: Simon from Harleston   5 Stars

I've used so many different brands of glue boards - I will now only buy pest expert. Fantastic stuff!

Reviewer: Jack from Enfield   5 Stars

Haven't seen mice for days so obviously effective - thanks for prompt service and great products.

Reviewer: Polly from Rainham   5 Stars

Great customer service - great product What more can I ask for...

Reviewer: Ian from York   5 Stars

The web site was easy to navigate. The products were delivered very quickly and were easy to use. The glue boards worked a treat!

Reviewer: Michael from Kenley   5 Stars

Really pleased with results provided by these glue traps. By far the best I've used.


Reviewer: Richard from Ross on Wye   5 Stars

Excellent service, quick dispatch and delivery, 5 star!

Reviewer: Hazel from Farenham   5 Stars

Item as described,well packed,fast dispatch and great comms.A+

Worked well too - caught many mice!

Reviewer: Alfred from Derby   5 Stars

excellent company good product used before will return!