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Pest Expert Formula P Super Fumer Bed Bug Smoke Bomb

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The Pest Expert Formula 'P' Super Fumer Bed Bug Smoke Bomb contains 300% more of the bed bug killing insecticide, permethrin than a regular Fumer. A powerful bed bug-killing fumigation device, the Super Fumer is an essential component in any comprehensive bed bug treatment.

  • Three times more powerful than a standard Smoke Bomb!
  • Fumigates the room to kill adult bed bugs 
  • Essential part of any comprehensive bed bug treatment
  • Smoke penetrates otherwise inaccessible bed bug harbourages
  • Leaves no residue on bedding, clothes or furniture.
Product Information
The Pest Expert Formula 'P' Super Fumer Bed Bug Smoke Bomb has three times the power of a regular Fumer, containing 300% more of the bed bug killing insecticide, permethrin. The insecticidal smoke released infiltrates even the most hard-to-reach areas where bed bugs may be hiding. This fumigation process is an integral part of any comprehensive bed bug treatment.

The smoke will not taint or damage clothing, bedding or furniture. As it leaves no residue, fumigation with Bed Bug Smoke Bombs should be carried out in addition to applying residual insecticides such as Formula C Bed Bug Spray and Rentokil Insectrol for a faster knockdown and to maintain long-lasting bed bug control.

Each Formula P Super Fumer contains sufficient insecticide to cover an area of approx 25 cubic m, therefore you should use 1-2 Super Fumers to treat a bed bug infestation in average-sized bedroom of approx 4m square. For the treatment of larger areas or several rooms additional Super Fumers will be required.

Contains permethrin at 13.25% w/w.

Directions for Use
Make the area to be fumigated as smoke tight as possible by closing all windows, doors etc.
Place smoke bomb(s) on a heat-resistant surface, for example a biscuit tin lid or an old plate. Handle with care after use as they can become quite hot.
Light the fuse and vacate the room/area. Leave for at least 2-3 hours for the smoke to disperse and then ventilate the room thoroughly.
NB We would recommend wearing a safety mask when using this product.

The Pest Expert Formula 'P' Super Fumer is best used in combination with a residual insecticide such as Formula 'C' Bed Bug Spray for longer-lasting bed bug control. 

For value for money, please see our
Bed Bug Treatment Kits which contain a range of our best bed bug treatment products. 

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Customer Reviews

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Reviewer: Sarah from Essex   5 Stars

Used as an addition to the treatment kit and I'm so pleased with the results! Would recommend all the Pest Expert products I used!

Reviewer: Marshall from Telford   5 Stars

Would 100% recommend, used them in my spare room in conjunction with Formula C and it would well! Fast delivery too!

Reviewer: Yaxley from Churwell   5 Stars

Really impressed with the product! Smoked nicely and along with the Bed Bug powder it got rid of the bed bugs in my bedroom!

Reviewer: John from Birmigham   5 Stars

Fantastic stuff! Good amount of smoke and the results were great! Have recommended to family!

Reviewer: Gemma from Essex   5 Stars

Really happy with my purchase, products were as described and the results were as expected! Would deffo recommend!

Reviewer: Lilly from Exeter   5 Stars

Thanks Pest-Expert - the smoke bombs worked really well and I am so pleased to say I've not seen a bug for 2 weeks! Phew, was starting to get really stressed about the whole situation.