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Pest Expert Formula 'P' Smoke Bombs (Twinpack)

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These powerful spider killer smoke bombs from Pest Expert are insecticidal fumigation devices formulated for the rapid knockdown of spiders.

  • Fills the volume of the room with insecticide killing any spiders exposed to the airspace
  • Key in any spider eradication strategy
  • Leaves no residue on household furnishings

Product Information

The Pest Expert Formula P Spider Killer Smoke Bombs are fast-acting fumigation devices that kill any spiders in the room. They are perfect for eradicating spider populations in homes, garages or garden sheds. Once lit, the fumer will release an insecticidal smoke containing maximum strength Permethrin into the airspace killing any spiders present. The smoke bombs are non-residual so once ventilated, there will be no nasty smells or residues on anything so will not taint or tarnish anything in the home.

One twin-pack of the Spider Killer Smoke Bombs will cover a standard sized room. However, for a more intense treatment or a larger sized room, add extra twin packs as needed.

One fumer contains Permethrin at 13.25% w/w.

Directions for use

Ensure the room is as airtight as possible by closing all doors and windows.

Place the Smoke bombs on a heatproof surface, such as a plate or baking tray. Be sure to take care after use as they can become hot post-fumigation.

Light the touch paper and leave the area immediately. Leave to fumigate for 2-3 hours so the fumes have time to disperse throughout the room, then thoroughly ventilate for 1-2 hours.


For a comprehensive treatment we advise using smoke bombs alongside our Formula C+ Spray and Formula P Powder. Please see our Pest Expert Spider Killer Kit for more information.

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