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Pest Expert Formula P+ Cockroach Killing Fogger

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The Pest Expert Formula 'P' Cockroach Killing Fogger is a fast-acting aerosol device containing a powerful insecticide which delivers a rapid knockdown of cockroaches.

  • Aerosol fumigation device (ULV)
  • Essential part of any comprehensive cockroach treatment
  • No fire hazard as does not need to be lit
  • Gas penetrates otherwise inaccessible areas cockroach harbourages
Product information
The Pest Expert Formula 'P' Fogger is a highly effective aerosol device that is an essential part of any comprehensive cockroach treatment.  Once activated it releases a gas containing a cockroach killing insecticide which fumigates the room, penetrating hard-to-reach areas where cockroaches may be harbouring.  As it does not need to be lit, it poses no fire risk and leaves no visible deposits, so will not taint or damage anything. Perfect for the treatment of kitchens and food preparation areas.

One Fogger will treat an average size room of approx 4m x 4m (13ft x 13ft). For treatment of cockroach infestations in larger areas, several rooms or professional kitchens, add extra Foggers as required.

Contains Pyrethrins at 0.2% w/w.

Directions for use
Remove all fresh produce/foodstuffs or store away in sealed containers. Close windows and doors and place Fogger in centre of area to be treated.

Remove cap and tear off plastic strip. Push down on trigger and twist slightly to lock in place. The contents will take 90 seconds to be dispersed.

Vacate room for 2-3 hours and then ventilate upon return.

NB We would recommend wearing a safety mask when using this product.

Formula 'P' Foggers are best used in conjunction with our residual insecticide Pest Expert Formula 'C' Cockroach Spray for longer-lasting control. Alternatively, see our Cockroach Killer Kits which contain a variety of products and offer excellent value for money.

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