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Pest Expert Formula P+ Cluster Fly Killing Fogger

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The Pest Expert Formula 'P' Cluster Fly Killing Fogger is a fast-acting aerosol device containing a powerful insecticide which kills cluster flies in lofts and roof spaces.

  • Aerosol fumigation device (ULV)
  • Fast knockdown of cluster flies in lofts or roof spaces
  • No fire risk as does not need to be lit
  • Treats an area of 150m3
Product Information
The Pest Expert Formula 'P' Fogger is a cluster fly killing fumigation device which releases an insecticidal (permethrin) gas that will flush out cluster flies in lofts, roof spaces or other areas of the home. 

The Fogger works in the same way as a traditional smoke bomb; however, as it is an aerosol (ULV) and requires no naked flame, it will not trigger smoke alarms and poses no fire hazard, so is perfectly safe to activate in lofts with roof insulation etc.

One Fogger will treat an area of 150m3, which is the size of a standard roof space in a 2-3 bedroom house. To treat a cluster fly infestation in a larger loft area or several rooms add extra Foggers as necessary.

Contains 0.2% w/w pyrethrins.

Directions for Use
Check roof spaces for bats or evidence of bats.

Pets/children should be kept out of area at time of treatment and until gas has completely dispersed (2-3 hours). Any fish tanks should be removed and water tanks in lofts should be covered.

Close any windows and doors and place Fogger in the centre of the area to be treated.

Remove cap and tear off plastic strip. Push down on trigger and twist slightly to lock in place. The contents will take 90 seconds to be dispersed.

Vacate area for 2-3 hours and then ventilate upon return.

NB We would recommend wearing a safety mask when using this product.

Use when you notice signs of cluster fly activity. The Formula 'P' Fogger is an essential component in the treatment of a cluster fly infestation and is best used in combination with a residual insecticide such as Pest Expert Formula 'C' Cluster Fly Spray for longer-lasting cluster fly control.  For value for money, please see our Cluster Fly Control Kits which contain a range of our best cluster fly treatment products.

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Customer Reviews

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Reviewer: Victoria from Devon   5 Stars

Top quality product and fast delivery! The cluster flies are no more

Reviewer: Nicky from Uxbridge   5 Stars

The products were received quickly as promised, were easy to follow and crucially effective

Reviewer: Frank from Reading   5 Stars

Worked like a charm.

As soon as the package arrived I used the foggers the cluster flies all died!

Reviewer: Cobie from Glasgow   5 Stars

Excellent company - quick dispatch, well packed order. The cluster fly items I have ordered are really effective. Thank you.

Reviewer: Raymond from Essex   5 Stars

Top class Firm and product.

After putting in the order I received next day delivery. Very securely packaged and well written instructions contained inside. Excellent product.

Reviewer: Jon from Liverpool   5 Stars

Very fast service and product as described. Second time I have used Pest Expert as product is very effective for eliminating cluster flies.

Reviewer: Dave from Cobham   5 Stars

These products were recommended to me by a friend. The website was easy to use and the delivery very fast. Most importantly they work!

Reviewer: Jamie-Lee from Telford   5 Stars

Cluster flies are a real problem for us and our neighbours, the pest expert foggers worked really well. I have recommended the pest expert foggers to all of our neighbours!

Reviewer: Vicky from Newcastle   5 Stars

Have battled cluster flies every autumn since I've moved to this house! The combination of foggers and Formula C has been the best thing we've bought!

Reviewer: Abdul from Bradford   5 Stars

Nice product! Worked well and now there are no cluster flies

Reviewer: Barbara Ann from Leeds   5 Stars

Have tried the smoke bombs before, not from Pest Expert, but thought I'd try a fogger! Amazed by the results, a fantastic product!

Reviewer: Liam from Halifax   5 Stars

The foggers are easy to use and kill flies with ease! Fast delivery too!

Reviewer: Kerry from Chesterfield   5 Stars

Very fast service and product as described. Second time I have used Pest Expert as product is very effective for eliminating cluster flies.

Reviewer: Ted from Leeds   5 Stars

Quickly delivered, easy to use and killed every single cluster fly

Reviewer: Danielle from Lincolnshire   5 Stars

Very quick delivery and products come with good instructions - We are cluster fly free for the time in weeks!

Reviewer: Francesca from London   5 Stars

Fast, efficient delivery and a great product - cluster flies stood no chance against the foggers!

Reviewer: Carlos from Hereford   5 Stars

Once again Pest Expert have delivered the results! Have used them before for rats poison so bought the fogger and it has totally eradicated my cluster fly infestation!

Reviewer: Stephen from Darlington   5 Stars

Used the fogger in my loft and after 3 hours I ventilated and there were no live flies. Really good product! Have 2 more for when they return! 5*****

Reviewer: A Crosby from Newtown   5 Stars

P-Fogger does the job

Have used P-Fogger cans in previous years to clear my loft of troublesome cluster flies once a month each autumn and winter, and also woodworm in my storage shed which contains valuable hardwood timber during the spring/early summer. Easy to use, and seems effective. I very much appreciate the prompt delivery, plus the addition of a couple of pairs of blue nitrile gloves and face-mask with each consignment for safety. Can fully recommend this product to anyone who has trouble with persistent flying pests such as flies, woodworm or wasps during the respective nuisance periods. Very easy to use