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Pest Expert Formula 'IC' Advanced Cockroach Killer Gel

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Pest Expert Formula 'IC' Advanced Cockroach Killer Gel is supplied in a ready-to use syringe containing measured drops of powerful insecticide (imidacloprid 2.15%). Each drop can kill 50+ cockroaches, and each 10g syringe contains 300 drops!

  • Powerful cockroach killer: eradicates all types of cockroaches
  • Fast-acting: kills infestations in 7 days
  • Long-lasting: effective for up to 3 months
  • Easy to apply: no odour, no mess. No applicator gun required.
  • Exact SAME active ingredient as Maxforce White IC

Pest Expert Formula 'IC' Advanced Cockroach Killer Gel is the easiest and most effective way of eliminating a cockroach problem, as its exclusive design enables precise treatment of the most affected areas, which other baits fail to reach.

Formula 'IC' Advanced Cockroach Killer Gel contains food-grade ingredients which are highly attractive to cockroaches. Affected cockroaches do not die immediately, instead they carry the gel back to their nest, spreading the insecticide and so eradicating the whole colony in a single treatment.

Formula 'IC' contains imidacloprid at 2.15% - exactly the same strength active ingredient as Maxforce White IC, but far better value!

Note: Contains a bitter-tasting substance that makes the product unpalatable to humans and animals.

Directions for use
German cockroaches: 1 to 4 drops per square metre.

American cockroaches: 2 to 6 drops per square metre, depending on the degree of infestation.

Oriental cockroaches: 2 to 6 drops per square metre, depending on the degree of infestation.

Apply drops of Pest Expert Formula 'IC' Advanced Cockroach Killer Gel in hard-to-reach areas, such as in cracks, crevices, and behind furniture, where drops are not visible and out of the reach of children and animals. Formula 'IC' Advanced Cockroach Killer Gel drops adhere to all surfaces, even vertical ones, and remain effective even at high temperatures.

Dark humid places: Under sinks, behind toilets, near drains.

Hot places: Behind the motors of fridges, washing machines, and dishwashers, etc.

Places with food or organic waste: Under or behind cupboards, near rubbish bins, in pantries, basements, courtyards, etc.

Any areas with cracks and crevices, e.g. ventilation grilles, suspended ceilings etc.


Repeat application after three months.

Use the cap provided with the syringe to avoid release of the product during storage between applications.


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Customer Reviews

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Reviewer: Curtis from Plymouth   5 Stars

This gel certainly works! A few drops under the kitchen kick-boards and we have not seen a cockroach in over a week. I am impressed by the gel and the results it has provided.

Reviewer: Tracey from Wrexham   5 Stars

Managing 14 properties I know about cockroach infestations and the products to deal with them. I had never come across the Pest Expert Gel and I was very impressed with efficacy and strength of the gel. I will continue to use Pest Expert for all my pest control needs going forward.

Reviewer: Jason from Hereford   5 Stars

Trust me when I say this product works! We were absolutely crawling with cockroaches and a few drops of this gel and they started to die. Within 4 days the whole infestation had been killed. I'm still amazed!

Reviewer: Jeffrey from Portsmouth   5 Stars

This product was incredibly effective, I could not believe such a small amount of gel could kill so many cockroaches. Very impressed with the product and also the fast delivery.

Reviewer: Kasim from London   5 Stars

Very effective gel! Having used the Maxforce gel many times, I wanted to try an alternative product. This was as effective if not more effective than the Maxforce. A truly great product

Reviewer: Elaine from Oxford   5 Stars

This gel was absolutely fantastic. I used it under my kitchen cupboards and within a few hours it was being eaten and the cockroaches were dying. Highly recommended product