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Pest Expert Formula C+ Carpet Moth Spray 1L

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Pest Expert Formula C+ Advanced Carpet Moth Killer Spray is the new and improved formulation of our bestselling original product, Formula C. Formula C+ Advanced is a ready-to-use triple action carpet moth killer, with a long-lasting residual that maintains carpet moth control for up to 12 weeks. Its unique combination of actives make it the most powerful carpet moth spray available to the amateur market, and the ultimate insecticide for anyone wanting fast and effective eradication of any size carpet moth infestation.

  •  Fast-acting: Rapid knockdown
  •  Low-odour: No smell during or after use
  •  Non-staining: Will not damage carpets or rugs
  •  Long-lasting: Residual maintains moth control for up to 12 weeks
  •  Increased coverage: 1L now treats up to 50m2 in a single application

Pest Expert Carpet Moth Spray Product Information

As market leaders, our latest innovative formulation now incorporates two additional active ingredients. The first is pyriproxyfen, a ground-breaking insect growth regulator that cleverly works by halting the progression of the carpet moth’s lifecycle development from juvenile to adult, resulting in an inability for the moth to reproduce, and therefore ensuring there is no increase in numbers.

The second is the addition of chrysanthemum cinerariaefolium extract, a natural pyrethrum, which when combined with the existing concentration of cypermethrin has a synergistic effect, helping to deliver an even faster knockdown and longer-lasting residual for ongoing control of all lifecycle stages.

With approval for both professional and amateur use, this professional-grade product can also be used safely in the home. Formula C+ Advanced is easy to use and can be applied directly to rugs and carpets as it is water-based and non-staining, so will not cause any damage.

Formula 'C' is safe for direct application to rugs and carpets as it is water-based so will not cause them any damage.

Each 1L trigger-spray is sufficient to treat an area of up to 50m2 and one application should be enough for a successful carpet moth treatment. However, to eradicate a particularly heavy carpet moth infestation then a second application may be required.

Directions for use
Lightly spray the carpet with Formula 'C', applying more spray to damaged areas. As carpet moths favour dark places, moth eggs and larvae are most often found around the edges of a room and beneath heavy or long-standing furniture, so administer a heavier application of insecticide to these areas. Leave the room for at least 2-3 hours to allow the carpet to dry. Avoid cleaning the treated areas for as long as possible as vacuuming will remove the protective residue.

For a more comprehensive treatment, applying Formula 'P' Carpet Moth Powder and fumigating the room using our Pest Expert Formula 'P' Foggers will eradicate adult moths. Moth traps are also an excellent method of monitoring activity after treatment.

As carpet moths are textile pests they will also feed on clothing containing natural fibres, so if the affected carpet is in a bedroom, then you may wish to consider adding moth control products to protect your wardrobes, such as Pest Expert Moth Killer Cassettes and/or Moth Proof Garment Bags.

For the best value for money please see our Carpet Moth Treatment Kits, which contain a combination of our best carpet moth control products.


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Customer Reviews

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Reviewer: Kenneth from Fordwich   5 Stars

Excellent product, quick delivery. Moths are dead and I am very happy!

Reviewer: Laura from Eton   5 Stars

Love this stuff, it actually kills the moths unlike other brands. Unscented too which is a bonus. Love that it comes with a complimentary mask and gloves too.

Reviewer: Christine from Didcot   5 Stars

This product was the best £9.95 ive ever spent! No more moths, wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to others in need.

Reviewer: Joanne from Chorley   5 Stars

Great service and product from Pest Expert, Goods came perfectly presented and well packed and it killed the moths. 5/5

Reviewer: Helen from Gosport   5 Stars

Very impressed with this product. As a person that has used loads of products I was absolutely blown away by this one. Fantastic

Reviewer: Gareth from Filey   5 Stars

Used this product in my living room and the moths are now history!

Reviewer: Justin from Hythe   5 Stars

This formula C worked a charm on those horrible little moths eating through my wool carpet!

Reviewer: Stacey from Wadebridge   5 Stars

Thank you for a speedy delivery and a fantastic product! The mask and gloves came in useful too!

Reviewer: Graham from Hereford   5 Stars

One application and the moths have completely gone! Great product!

Reviewer: Carole from London   5 Stars

Great spray that kills moths! What more can you ask for?!

Reviewer: Poppy from Tiverton   5 Stars

I am actually quote surprised at how good the service was at pest expert - I have never had a company update me on each and every step of my order. Thank you so much, all the moths in my carpet have been evicted!

Reviewer: Justine from Rugby   5 Stars

Product exactly as described - it is most definitely a moth killer! No more holes in my carpets!

Reviewer: Sian from Sale   5 Stars

Carpet moth problem solved with this fantastic spray. Excellent company

Reviewer: Dave from Pontefract   5 Stars

Top spray! Killed the moths in my carpet!

Reviewer: Katie from Edgware   5 Stars

Brilliant product, order comes complete with gloves and a mask which was handy.

Reviewer: Donna from Bedford   5 Stars

Easy to order, easy to use and it kills moths!

Reviewer: Sue from Barking   5 Stars

Thank you for a spray that works! Ive tried almost everything but this is the best!

Reviewer: Anne from Axminster   5 Stars

Immaculate service, this spray works excellently. No fragrance to it too which is a huge bonus.

Reviewer: Jonnie from Rotherham   5 Stars

One application & one follow up to to be sure as recommended. All carpet beetles (moths) gone. No smell, no mess all finished in under 75mins (including moving furniture) & 3 Hours later the room back as it was. Your formular C, 'FANTASTIC'.

Reviewer: Edwin from London   5 Stars

Thank you for the spray, it worked incredibly well and I'm extremely satisfied with the results!

Reviewer: Josephine from Ipswich   5 Stars

Good products, fast delivery and informative website!

Reviewer: Elsie from Newcastle   5 Stars

Cheers for the delivery, safety mask and gloves were a nice touch as I suffer with asthma! Results were as expected after reading the website!

Reviewer: Joanne from Bristol   5 Stars

The moth spray was exactly as described on the website and I'm so happy with the results!

Reviewer: Herbert from Lincoln   5 Stars

Great service - fast delivery and the moth spray is second to none!

Reviewer: Emily from Islington   5 Stars

Stumbled across Pest Expert on the internet and the products work as well as they describe them!

Reviewer: Veronica from Oxford   5 Stars

Happy with the results provided! The moths are no more, great results!

Reviewer: Debbie from Tamworth   5 Stars

The moths went as quick as they came! Great product!

Reviewer: Harry from Rotherham   5 Stars

Easy website to use and everything was explained really clearly! Most importantly the carpet moth spray worked!

Reviewer: Winston from London   5 Stars

Top product! Eradication our issue of carpet moths incredibly fast!

Reviewer: Alex from Falkirk   5 Stars

Have used their rat poison to good effect so when the dreaded moths came I have no issue with trying their spray. Just like the rat poison, the carpet moth sprayed worked!!

Reviewer: Geoff from Wigan   5 Stars

Nothing but praise for this product! Within days the moths were dead and I can have people over again!

Reviewer: Cliff from Essex   5 Stars

Fast delivery, kept up-to-date, products worked! Great service!

Reviewer: Natalie from Birmingham   5 Stars

Got delivered the next day and I immediately used it (have been stressed about the moths) it worked so well and I cannot thank you enough! If I could give it 10 stars I would!

Reviewer: Joe from Lincoln   5 Stars

The issue of moths were spreading through the house, so I knew I needed to do something! I came across Pest-Expert and as they say 'the rest is history' - thanks Pest-Expert, you helped me in my hour of need!

Reviewer: Mike from London   5 Stars

Easy to navigate website and informative! Product was effective against moths too!

Reviewer: Samira from Halifax   5 Stars

Happy with the results, used Pest-Expert before and seems to be the best stuff about! Fast delivery too - just what I was looking for!

Reviewer: Carole from Kings Lynn   5 Stars

Fantastic stuff! Used this in my living room and almost instantly saw a decline in carpet moth numbers!

Reviewer: Leah from Scunthorpe   5 Stars

my order was sent out to me on the day i was told, very good service , will use again

Reviewer: Anna from Chester   5 Stars

Website easy to use. Order arrived promptly and in good condition. And most importantly, the stuff works!

Reviewer: Brian from Bedfordshire   5 Stars

Great price for a great product, works every time.

Reviewer: Stuart from Durham   5 Stars

I got very good advice from Pest Expert and the products appear to have been successful. Very satisfied

Reviewer: Mary from Wolverhampton   5 Stars

Impeccable service. Fast, reliable and efficient. Particularly liked the way I was kept informed of how my order was being progressed throughout the process right up to the point of delivery.

Reviewer: Robert from Middlesborough   5 Stars

Exactly as promised. Excellent quality and delivered on time.

Reviewer: John from Portsmouth   5 Stars

Excellent product, cleared the moths. Good value and very good service from Pest Expert.

Would definitely buy from again.

Reviewer: David from Southampton   5 Stars

Super service and excellent price.

Reviewer: Cindy from Plymouth   5 Stars

As soon as I had completed my order I was thanked for my order and was notified on every stage the order went through, even what time it would be delvered.

Most impressed, I doubt if there is any other company that could give a better service. Well done

Reviewer: James from Coventry   5 Stars

Product arrived promptly and well packaged and in good condition so very satisfied with service.

Reviewer: Susan from Norwich   5 Stars

It did the job as I was very happy with the services from pest expert

Reviewer: Sylvia from Bournemouth   5 Stars



Reviewer: Barry from Newport   5 Stars

Great internet site and easy to order. fast delivery with good communication

Reviewer: Catherine from Preston   5 Stars

Brilliant products, service and delivery.

Reviewer: Chris from Bath   5 Stars

A very good and quick service, it works very quickly I would recommend to any one that has moth trouble

Reviewer: Marie from Bristol   5 Stars

Easy to use and very effective spray thank you!

Reviewer: Selina from Leicester   5 Stars

as it says on the tin it do's what it says,many thanks.

Reviewer: Steve from Hull   5 Stars

My order came quickly, very efficient. Pleased with the product, hope they work!

Reviewer: George from London   5 Stars

Cannot praise Pest Expert enough. Quick response time, excellent update re order status and first class product.

Reviewer: Janet from Swindon   5 Stars

very good results from using pest expert products, after little success with other products. easy to use. Product delivered on time

Reviewer: Mary from Cumbria   5 Stars

Very good speedy service,I would use your company again & I would highly recommend you, very good product!

Reviewer: Billy from Manchester   5 Stars

Good value and service.

Always next day delivery with a known time and the products work. Very clear instructions too.

Reviewer: Harriett from Loughton   5 Stars

Good price and v speedy delivery in non excessive packaging!

Reviewer: Katrina from Huddersfield   5 Stars

Quick response to my order. Easily tracked, arrived on time and has already proved effective. Thank you!

Reviewer: Gemma from Salisbury   5 Stars

Prompt, reliable service with excellent products.

Reviewer: Allan from Leeds   5 Stars

Good quick service. Did one good spray and so far all ok.

Reviewer: David from Matlock   5 Stars

On time, good price, not too much packaging to chuck away. A straightforward purchase.

Reviewer: Charles from London   5 Stars

Efficient and good value for money.

Reviewer: Linzi from Grimsby   5 Stars

Does the job perfectly. super speedy delivery as well

Reviewer: Georgia from Hull   5 Stars

Great product, great service! Love that a mask and a pair of gloves is included too!

Reviewer: Karl Gilbert from Belfast   5 Stars

I have used the Pest Expert helpdesk regarding their product and ordered from them on two occasions. Customer service and delivery have been perfect each time.

Reviewer: Pam Scott from Cardiff   5 Stars

Excellent service. Arrived next day. Just what you need when you have unwanted 'guests' to get rid of!! Would definitely order from here again should I need to. But fingers crossed, the product seems to have worked. Thank you for being super-efficient.

Reviewer: Mr A from UK   5 Stars

Next day delivery and very effective product - our pesky moths have been eradicated!

Reviewer: Mr Adkins from Surrey   5 Stars

Your products helped us eradicate a widespread problem of carpet moths in our house. The instructions were clear and products easy to use, and prices were reasonable. Have re-ordered several times and order processing and delivery is always quick and accurate. Believe we have eliminated our problem.

Reviewer: Reginald West from Dagenham   5 Stars

these moths were no " TIGER", not easily shot down.

It would appear that the product was successful in disposing of the infestation but I understand carpet Moths can sometimes reappear after 12 mont,hs If they do I will be back for a further supply of the chemicals.

Reviewer: Maria Johnson from Tyne and Wear   5 Stars

Good Product Selection and Customer Service

I have dealt with Pest Expert twice due to an infestation of moths and carpet beetles. The advice given has been sound and their product selection is effective. Will use again if necessary

Reviewer: Andrew Edwards from Bridgend   5 Stars

Excellent Service

Good choice of products, fast delivery and excellent customer service.

Reviewer: Dr john agnew from Rotherham   5 Stars

Appears to be extremely effective but make sure you follow the instructions and shake before use every time.