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Pest Expert Formula C+ Carpet Beetle Spray 1L

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Pest Expert Formula C+ Advanced Carpet Beetle Killer Spray is the new and improved formulation of our bestselling original product, Formula C. Formula C+ Advanced is a ready-to-use triple action carpet beetle killer, with a long-lasting residual that maintains carpet beetle control for up to 12 weeks. Its unique combination of actives make it the most powerful carpet beetle spray available to the amateur market, and the ultimate insecticide for anyone wanting fast and effective eradication of any size carpet beetle infestation

  • Fast-acting: Rapid knockdown
  • Low-odour: No smell during or after use
  • Non-staining: Will not damage carpets or rugs
  • Long-lasting: Residual maintains carpet beetle control for up to 12 weeks
  • Increased coverage: 5L now treats up to 250m2 in a single application

Product Information

As market leaders, our latest innovative formulation now incorporates two additional active ingredients. The first is pyriproxyfen, a ground-breaking insect growth regulator that cleverly works by halting the progression of the carpet beetle’s lifecycle development from juvenile to adult, resulting in an inability for the beetle to reproduce, and therefore ensuring there is no increase in numbers. 
The second is the addition of chrysanthemum cinerariaefolium extract, a natural pyrethrum, which when combined with the existing concentration of cypermethrin has a synergistic effect, helping to deliver an even faster knockdown and longer-lasting residual for ongoing control of all lifecycle stages.

With approval for both professional and amateur use, this professional-grade product can also be used safely in the home. Formula C+ Advanced is easy to use and can be applied directly to rugs and carpets as it is water-based and non-staining, so will not cause any damage..

Formula ‘C’ does not contain solvents and is low-odour, this means it is perfectly suitable for use in homes with pets and/or children, provided they are kept out of the area until the treated surfaces have dried (this normally takes 2-3 hours).

The 1L trigger spray treats up to 50m² and a single application should be sufficient for a successful treatment of carpet beetles. It is important to note, however, that if the infestation has spread or is quite large, it may need another application for complete eradication.

Directions for use

Apply a fine mist of the Formula ‘C’ onto carpets and/or rugs, spraying more in damaged areas. Carpet beetles tend to favour the darker areas of a room, which means that the eggs and larvae will usually be around the edges of the room, in darker corners and under heavy furniture. As such, we would advise applying plenty of insecticide to these areas. After the application, leave the room for 2-3 hours to give the carpet enough time to dry. Try to avoid cleaning in the treated areas for as long as possible because cleaning in any form will remove the insecticidal residue left by the spray.


For a thorough treatment, it is advisable to apply the Formula ‘P’ Carpet Beetle Powder and fumigate using the Formula ‘P’ Foggers to ensure complete elimination.

To use a combination of products at the best value, please see out Carpet Beetle Treatment Kits, which contain a selection of our best products for treating carpet beetles.

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