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Pest Expert Formula 'B' Rat Poison Bait Blocks 300g (15 blocks)

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Professional-quality Rat Poison Bait Blocks specifically formulated for optimal results, works well in use with glue traps for rats or other rat poison. Containing the strongest concentration of Brodifacoum – This should NOT be confused with the weaker, less potent rodenticide, Bromadiolone.

Despite what many companies claim, Pest Expert Formula B+ provides the strongest range of rat and mouse poisons available in the UK and is designed to kill in a single feed.

Proven to be up to 4 x stronger than other poisons containing Bromadiolone or Difenacoum, the result with Pest Expert Rodenticides is always faster, more effective control and therefore better value for money! 

  • Highly-effective rat killer, able to control even warfarin-resistant rats
  • Single-feed Brodifacoum, the best rat poison available
  • Totally weatherproof so ideal for outdoor baiting
  • Unique blend of ingredients makes blocks highly palatable to rats
  • Multiple surface design encourages rats’ habit of gnawing
Product Information
These premium-grade Rat Bait Blocks are formulated with the unique single-feed rodenticide, Brodifacoum, at the maximum legal concentration (0.0029%) to create the best rat poison and achieve optimal results. 

Made from a unique blend of food-grade ingredients to increase palatability, these bait blocks have also been designed to be multi-faceted, to provide rats with multiple gnawing surfaces. Both these factors aid rat poison acceptance/uptake, helping achieve rapid eradication of a rat infestation in your home or business. In addition, as these blocks are weatherproof, they are perfect for outdoor baiting.

Directions for use
Place bait where there are signs of rodent activity like fresh droppings, inside or near nests and burrows, runways and rodent feeding places. Place bait points throughout the infested area. It is generally much more efficient to use a larger number of small bait points compared to a smaller number of large bait points. Large bait points increase the risk to wildlife and to other non-target animals.
For rat infestations: Use bait points of up to 60g. Place bait points 10m apart reducing to 5m in high infestations. Do not move or disturb bait points for several days after laying bait. If no signs of rat activity are seen near the bait after 7-10 days, move the bait to an area of higher rat activity.

When using these Rat Poison Blocks outdoors or in sensitive areas they should always be securely housed within tamper-resistant bait boxes to make them inaccessible to children, pets and non-target wildlife.

For the best value for money, please see our Rat Bait Block Kits, which include both Rat Bait Blocks and Rat Bait Tunnels.

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Customer Reviews

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Reviewer: John Mee from Northwich    5 Stars

Highly efficient company and product.

Easy to use and effective, I bought this after getting rats in our loft due to a detached soffit board which took months to get fixed due to slow roofers. Became aware after noises in cavity walls an the the loft space. Tried smaller wax blocks but left untouched, I attached them on a piece of strong galvanized wire bent over preventing removal and anchored with a foot of chain to rafter. Replaced some of the original blocks and they had gone by next day. Filled wire with 7 more blocks, only 2 left after 2 days. Repeated refill and 5 more gone next day. Just refilled again but no noise for 3 nights now so hopefully the blocks are working well. Will keep replacing and leave some in place a just in case. Excellent company, great delivery, and very effective product, thank you.

Reviewer: Adrian Tait from Dorset   5 Stars

Fast, efficient and professional service

Reviewer: Shelley Owen from South wales   5 Stars

Works a yreat

I bought a house and soon discovered there was a rat issue in the walls. I found the ingress points and baited in boxes near them. They ate everything for 3 nights running then it slowed down and stopped. Filled the ingress points and have not had a sign for months. I'm still baiting outside and it's being taken periodically so they are still around. Just not bothering me for now.

Reviewer: Scott from Scotland    5 Stars

Great products

Great company to deal with all products are of high quality and get the job done quickly

Reviewer: Barry from Doncaster   5 Stars

Really good product! Package well and the rats eat them - after 9 days we have no more rats in the garden! Thanks Pest-Expert!

Reviewer: Doreen from Dorset   5 Stars

Wow what a remarkable product not seen a rodent since we placed your product down so happy there gone

Reviewer: Hannah from Surrey   5 Stars

Vary rapid response to my online order with next day delivery.

Rats and mice love the product and it seems to see them off!

Reviewer: Lorraine from Cheltenham   5 Stars

I’ve used this company a few times and recommended them to neighbours. Fast quick efficient service

Reviewer: Gemma from Newcastle   5 Stars

Following good reviews for rat poison I am pleased to say that after 6 days the blocks have done the trick. Great product.

Reviewer: Iman from Birmingham   5 Stars

Delivery was prompt and the product as advertised. I have already sorted my immediate rat problem and will continue to use the product as and when required.

Reviewer: Steve from Lancashire   5 Stars

After no luck with several other products I now have no rats in less than a week! Look no thurther to get rid of your rodent problems

Reviewer: Clint from Whitby   5 Stars

I have purchased from Pest Expert before and they have always delivered the next day, and I have never run into any problems with their service or treatments.

I use the rat formula, living with open fields and farm land around we tend to get the odd rodent visiting under the decking for R&R , but the Pest Expert formula tends to sort out the problem before it escalates.

A good, trustworthy Company to deal with.


Reviewer: Kerry from Wolverhampton   5 Stars

The items I ordered arrived in record time and I cant recommend this company enough. Fabulous service!!!!

Reviewer: Michael from Brighton   5 Stars

Placed an order for bait, received emails advising of order placement, distribution & delivery. All arrived quickly within 1 day of placing the order. Easy to use website.

Reviewer: Peter from Nottingham   5 Stars

Very effective products in the control/monitoring of rats.

100 % Service as usual,many thanks.

Reviewer: Ricky from Peterborough   5 Stars

The goods arrived on time the next day and the product did what it said on the tin. AMAZING!

Reviewer: Linda from Swindon   5 Stars

I found the service from Pest Expert excellent. The product was of superior quality & good value. I definitely recommend. Perfect.

Reviewer: Martin from Wales   5 Stars

After putting in the order I received next day delivery. Very securely packaged. Excellent product.*****

Reviewer: Liz from Maidenhead   5 Stars

Very fast service and product as described. Second time I have used Pest Expert as product is very effective for eliminating rodents.

Reviewer: Gaz from Salisbury   5 Stars

excellent far as we know, we have seen no rats since we put it down

Reviewer: Linda from Scotland   5 Stars

Super fast and got rid of the rat problem

Reviewer: Kelly from Brighton   5 Stars

Very fast service and product as described. Second time I have used Pest Expert as product is very effective for eliminating rodents.

Reviewer: Sandra from Falmouth   5 Stars

Service was excellent delivered next day as I was promised.This Rat poison is great stuff it does what it says on the tin. I have spent a lot of money on rat bait with no results.With this pest exspert formals plus I’m removing body daily .great stuff !!

Reviewer: Paul from Stockport   5 Stars

excellent response to my original enquiry followed up by prompt reaction to my order. I will certainly use them again and will recommend them to others in need of their services.

Reviewer: JTC from Cornwall   5 Stars

Formula 'B' Rat & Mouse Bait Blocks...... We have rabbits, Guinea Pigs and wild birds and the rats are attracted to their feed. For years we've had rats but this year they've been more abundant. After setting 11 bait stations around the garden. Within a week, only one of the stations is being visited, when a week ago the bait from all stations was being taken over night. Not seen a rat nor heard squeak for days. Have to say, the cats look lost ;) Would most certainly recommend this product in ousting them critters!

Reviewer: Hilary Dowdall from    5 Stars

I bought "rat poison" and at first, I thought I was "feeding the rats" as they seemed to love the "food" I spoke to an adviser who explained that I was "drip feeding " my rats and suggested increasing the quantity of bait and the number of sites, assuring me that there was no "resistance" to the bait. It was very helpful and reassuring and it certainly now works!!!!!

My rats are in decline, but I have just ordered more bait to keep on top of the problem. (I keep hens & ducks and live in a rural situation) Excellent product and good backup advice. Many thanks!

Reviewer: Andrew Eamonson from Carlisle   5 Stars

To be honest Pest Expert just seem to come out near top of search enquiry. After reading a few reviews I ordered a "kit" to help deal with rats. So far seems to be working, bait disappears after a couple of days and I haven't seen any rats since putting the box down. Service from ordering to delivery was quick and painless. Would recommend to anyone looking for pest control products.

Reviewer: Susan from Sunderland   5 Stars

Prompt service and my uninvited guests- the rat family, very much enjoyed their last supper and are quietly sleeping it off in rat heaven. Phew.

Reviewer: Mr Saunders from Oxford   5 Stars

After ordering from pest expert I was firstly impressed by the speed I received my order and then by the quality of what I had ordered. I have set up the traps and poison and may I say there have been no sign of the Rats. Thank you for an excellent product and all the pieces of equipment that goes with it.

Reviewer: Yvonne from LANCASHIRE   5 Stars

Competitive prices and fast delivery - what more could you want?

The products worked too!

Reviewer: Ellie from HARROW   5 Stars

I put 6 bait blocks out and they were taken within 3 hours - not heard a rat since *****

Reviewer: Henry from Retford   5 Stars

Ordered on Saturday, received on Tuesday - fantastic service - products work a treat too!

Reviewer: Thomas from OXFORD   5 Stars

Great website, great price, great delivery, great product!

All round great service!

Reviewer: James from UXBRIDGE   5 Stars

the BEST bait blocks I have ever used - eradication in 6 days - great stuff!!

Reviewer: Steven from YORK   5 Stars

Great product. Good Price. Arrived very quickly!

Reviewer: Harry from EDINBURGH   5 Stars

Really pleased with the results, better than any other stuff i've tried!

Reviewer: Tim from Halifax   5 Stars

Received in time. Good product! Thank you!

Reviewer: Felix from LONDON   4 Stars

fast postage - too early to tell if it works!

Reviewer: Ian from Rainham   5 Stars

Eradicated my rat problem within 2 days - what can I say? Amazing!!

Reviewer: Alexander from Leeds   5 Stars

Fast delivery, arrived on the day stated. Thanks!

Good product too!

Reviewer: Dayton from Essex   5 Stars

Fantastic service!! Ordered at 15:00, it arrived the next day!

The rats ate it and died - Top stuff!

Reviewer: Gillian from St Blazey   5 Stars

Fast and efficient

Everything as described. Fully recommend this company and their products.

Reviewer: Ellen from Henley on Thames   5 Stars

Job done!

The operative arrived when expected and immedialtely identified where the rats were coming from. Within the three booked visits, the problem has been sorted.

Reviewer: pauline Kershaw from Pott Row   5 Stars

does what it says on the box

it was an easy site to find what i wanted. The products were well explained. The parcel arrived promptly and the rat appears to have moved out.

Reviewer: Mrs Skinsley from Dagenham   5 Stars

Good prices and fast delivery

Competitive prices, items as fully described and swift, informative delivery service.

Reviewer: Mrs Mandy Rickenberg from Basildon   5 Stars

Fantastic service

I would like to say thank you for your speedy service. We have tried many products to rid our chicken coop of rats, with no success until we tried your product. Completely rat free within a couple of weeks. Would definitely recommend this company. And would use again

Reviewer: Barry Summerton from Leeds   5 Stars

good service but product limited.

The delivery was quick, the price is reasonable for the amount supplied but the product is limited as the rats seem to enjoy the poison. It seems to have little or no effect as I have to top up the tray regularly and it is all eaten and they come back for more. I need something stronger that kills the rats as they like this stuff too much.

Reviewer: Michael Dudkiewicz from Northolt   5 Stars

Very efficient fast delivery

We had small problem with rodents all seems fine now

Reviewer: Denise from Northampton   5 Stars

Sent straight away

Still trying product only had couple weeks so need longer to see how effective