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Pest Expert Formula B Rat Killer Poison 1kg (10 x 100g)

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Pest Expert Formula 'B' Rat Killer is a highly effective professional-grade rat poison delivering rapid results. Containing the strongest concentration of Brodifacoum – This should NOT be confused with the weaker, less potent rodenticide, Bromadiolone.

Despite what many companies claim, Pest Expert Formula B+ provides the strongest range of rat and mouse poisons available in the UK and is designed to kill in a single feed.

Proven to be up to 4 x stronger than other poisons containing Bromadiolone or Difenacoum, the result with Pest Expert Rodenticides is always faster, more effective control and therefore better value for money! 

  • Contains maximum strength Brodifacoum
  • Made from top quality whole-wheat grain
  • No wax content so highly palatable to rats
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use around buildings
Product Information
Formula 'B' Rat Killer is the strongest and most effective rat poison for sale to the amateur market as it contains maximum strength Brodifacoum (0.0029%), which is 4 times stronger than Bromadiolone when used against rats.

Formula 'B' is made from top quality whole-wheat grain and is wax-free, making it highly attractive to rats and ensuring outstanding results.

Ideal for use in domestic residences, Formula 'B' can be used both indoors and outdoors around buildings to eradicate rat infestations in garden sheds, lofts and kitchens. Formula 'B' rat bait is also suitable for achieving rodent control in commercial premises including restaurants, food premises, factories and farms.

Directions for use
When using any type of rodenticide, care should always be taken to ensure that it is not accessible to children or non-target species such as pets or other forms of wildlife. Our heavy-duty lockable bait boxes should be used to securely house the poison.

Open each bait station and fill the central chamber with a sachet of poison. Close/lock the top and position boxes every 5-10m at the edge of a wall/fence, along a rat run, or wherever else rat activity has been noticed. Check each bait station every 5-7 days and replenish as necessary until no more bait is taken. 

For the best value for money, please see our Rat Killer Kits, which contain both Formula 'B' and rat bait stations and are supplied with a professional advice sheet to help you achieve and maintain successful rodent control.

Contains Brodifacoum at 0.0029% w/w 
Authorisation No: UK-2017-1051-0002
Use Biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use. 

Now supplied in easy-to-use 100g measured sachets, enabling precise baiting for improved control. 

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Customer Reviews

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Reviewer: Bob from Middlesbrough    5 Stars

It does the job

Always get rats every year mainly along my fence where they burrow through the bottom from next door. After putting down the bait in the holes it kills them off in a few days. I always cover the holes with tiles or slate to stop birds etc getting at it and then check every 10 days to see if the remaining bait has been eaten.

Reviewer: Tanya from London    5 Stars

There's a Rat in my kitchen what am I gonna do!

An absolute god send, 🙌 who needs a man?! Easy to purchase, easy to use.. Hallelujah

Reviewer: C.Ford from Ramsgate   4 Stars

Need proper instruction

The poison works but the more are no proper instructions - you can find stuff on YouTube, but Pest Expert would do better by their customers if they included detailed instructions, or better still, a link to a YouTube. For example, advice to wear gloves to keep human scent off the product; how the box locks/unlocks, where/how to place the divider; how to assemble the blocks on the rod; and particularly, not to dispense the grain but leave it in the bag! This latter is not at all clear. There is a good video on line by a different t company which was a great help but it is shocking to see the paucity of information / instructions provided by Pest Expert

Reviewer: Geoff from Yorkshire   5 Stars

Just Brilliant!

We discovered an exceptionally FAT rat coming into our garden and somehow climbed up into our bird seed feeder.

Happy to tell you the day after the poison arrived - we no longer have a FAT RAT - Just had a DEAD rat.

Very happy customer. Sorry I didn't think to take a picture of the dead rat for all to see.

Reviewer: Jenny from Cardiff   5 Stars

Does the job

Great product. Does the job

Reviewer: Wendy from Glasgow   5 Stars


I have used this product previously and always found it to be very effective, hence this re-order when I had another problem with rats on my allotment.

The product was used in accordance with the instructions and I am pleased to say that the problem has been resolved after the use of just four sachets! Excellent. Thank you.

Reviewer: Bobby from Manchester   5 Stars

Top Rat Poison

Seems to have done the job around the property, all signs of live rats have gone and no more bait being taken. Hopefully will keep on top of them now with a decent supply of bait in reserve

Reviewer: James from Bolton   5 Stars


Been using these for a while now and they definitely keep the rats population down

Reviewer: Dave from London   5 Stars

Unbelievable results

I bought bait from a big diy store put down 7 days seams not to work I ordered pest expet bait put 1 lot down no more rats and half the price off the big diy store

Reviewer: Aaron from Islington   5 Stars

Best Rat Poison About

This product from pest experts works a treat and very easy to use

Reviewer: Billy from Market Rasen   5 Stars

Kills Fast!!!!

Easy purchase process, fast delivery and as described excellent product. Would recommend.

Reviewer: Jarrod from Exeter    5 Stars

Quality stuff

It kills vermin, which is a great relief because stuff I tried from other suppliers either didn't kill rodents or they refused to eat it.

Reviewer: Steve from Oxford   5 Stars

Excellent Product!

Good size packets of grain, have used other sites and packets are ridiculously small.

Reviewer: Philip carr from Devon   5 Stars


Excellent product excellent service

Reviewer: Sophie Clarke from East Midlands   5 Stars

Would like to say a massive thank you the cost of your products so much cheaper than cost of X2 pest visit problem 1st started in my neighbors flat with him hearing the telltale sounds at night then other night at 10pm heard sounds above my kitchen obviously was in the crawl space so ordered the 2 bait box kits one for each of our areas as a start when he gets back we will set bait box up for him but in mean time I’ll keep my ears peeled am encouraged by fellow reviews keep up the good work

Reviewer: Marcus from Brighton   5 Stars

Used at the weekend and the rats ate it straight away. By Wednesday we've seen no rat activity, very impressed with the efficacy of the poison!

Reviewer: Ruth from Leicester   5 Stars

The products were delivered promptly. The poison has been eaten by the rats straightaway and after 3 days no more is being taken!

There is plenty left to deal with any other visiting rats who decide to move in!

Reviewer: Natalie from Retford   5 Stars

Brilliant product and service. The poison worked so well and the rats have finally disappeared. Highly recommended

Reviewer: Gavin from Bardney   5 Stars

Just great! The rats have gone as quick as they came!

Reviewer: William from Cheshire   5 Stars

Used this for the first time and the results were amazing! Nothing but praise for Formula B! The pesky rats did not stand a chance!

Reviewer: Gordon Lamb from Lincoln   5 Stars


Bought the Formula 'B' Poison and Rat Glues from Pest Expert. Both excellent quality, worked extremely well, and solved our problem within days. Overall, a good company to deal with and products did what they promised, so I'm happy.

Reviewer: W M Foston from Orpington   5 Stars

Great all round service and product

Almost instant service with very reasonably priced product delivered safely,

Reviewer: Beth Aydin from Newport   5 Stars

done the job

put the rat killer down rats seemed to love it, 2days ..they ate it all. followed the instructions and no more signs of rats thank god.

Reviewer: Dawn Byers from Frizington   5 Stars


The fast and reliable service was brilliant, and the product was great. Got rid off your intruder in less than 1 week. Great company to buy from.

Reviewer: Mrs G. D. Booth from Birmingham   5 Stars

Fast service, easy access, efficient.

Ordered Thursday afternoon, delivered Friday morning. Good produced, not readily available in shops, does the job

Reviewer: RICHARD SCHOPPLER from Melksham   5 Stars

rat and mouse bait

the reviews by other people sold me on using this firm. After 2 days, no more rats. Put down bait twice. The gloves are very handy to disguise my human smell(rats are so suspicious, understandably)

Reviewer: Tris from Oxford   5 Stars

Quick service/Good products

Quick service & sent me a text 4 hours before they were due to arrive so I didn't stay home all day & arrived exactly on time! This poison really works, takes a few days for them to take it but then no more mice!!!

Reviewer: Derek Jones from Horncastle   5 Stars

Purchase of rat posion.

Very pleased with the process for ordering, tracking and delivery. Excellent service. I cannot comment on the product as I havent had it long enough.

Reviewer: Stephen Roberts from Milton Keynes   5 Stars

excellent service from laptop to home

Easy to order. Good selection with information. So quick. Just what u need when u have a problem.

Reviewer: Linda Thomas from North Walsham   5 Stars

Excellent Outcome

We had been experiencing an increase in rat activity in our garden although we do live in a very rural area. We tried a rat cage trap with absolutely no effect to try to use the humane approach, but as the rat population seemed to increase decided to try the Pest Expert products. We bought the twin pack of rat bait tunnels which are lockable and a pack of 8 rat poison bait blocks as a trial about two weeks ago. The instructions are very clear to bait the tunnels and place in known rat runs and leave for 10 days. We just checked the tunnels after that period and all the bait blocks have gone. We have noticed less activity so hoping this will solve the problem for the time being. We would have no hesitation in recommending Pest Expert products.

Reviewer: Peter from London   5 Stars

Dead rats

Worked a treat. Cleared out the nest.

Reviewer: Jon Pierce from Swindon   5 Stars

Excellent service and product

All of the products that I viewed had good and easy to understand descriptions. Once I'd placed my order, I received updates on it's progress. The products arrived quickly and well packaged - and worked very well! Would certainly recommend Pest Expert.

Reviewer: Bea Hinton from Ringwood   5 Stars

Rat poisson

I got a surtain amount of Rats as I got Bunnys ! They kill the Bunny Babys and I am desperate to have them gone I do not like to kill any ting but in this case is the Rats or the Baby Bunnys ....well even I feed them the poisson I bought I still see Rats after a week but less of them and I can detect a smell of the dead ones . I assume they are geting less in numbers and I hope it will be the solution as I battle since 3 years and will do so in the future if needed as they seem to come from the nabours to here . I just changed from the cubes to the this as the cubes seem to do them any harm ani moore !

Reviewer: Clint Mcmillon from Hyde   5 Stars

Great Service

Having bought from Pest Experts on line service , I can only say that this was a quick and fuss free experience, the delivery was quick and I received what I ordered which was well packaged. I would use the services of Pest Expert's again.

Reviewer: Dave Cooper from Leyland   5 Stars

pest control

Great product,fast delivery.

Reviewer: Zoe F from Bristol   5 Stars

Excellent product and great service

I ordered some rat poison from pest expert and it was delivered very quickly. I must also state that it has done the trick - after a few months using standard over the counter poison with no results, I am very pleased to say that the pest expert rat poison has eradicated my rat infestation. I would definitely recommend their products.

Reviewer: John Harvey from Verwood   5 Stars

Dead little hairy things

Delivery, packing and communication very all very good. Product seems t be working as already found one ,little hairy thing, but bit to early to judge if 100% successful

Reviewer: Rodney from Rotherham   5 Stars

Excellent product

Some months ago, I attempted to rid my home of a couple of rats that had found their way into our loft space (single level height). I used a commercial brand Rat Poison purchased at B &Q. I kept buying more and more of the stuff (not cheap) but some weeks later, after no success, I purchased you product, And it did what you said: it got rid of the pests in a week. Excellent. Recommend it 100 percent.

Reviewer: Emma Barlow from Derby   5 Stars

Rat poison

We purchased the most potent rat poison available, and within a couple of days we'd removed half a dozen youngsters' bodies...the rest of them are probably in the depths of the undergrowth or in the tunnels. Not seen any adult bodies yet (and they take longer), but they used to come out into the middle of the lawn to hoover up any dropped bird seed - EVERY DAY at the same time. No sign of them. Ordering was very easy and delivery extremely prompt, by a very nice man. I would recommend this company without hesitation.