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Pest Expert Formula B Mouse Killer Poison 600g (10 x 60g)

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Pest Expert Formula 'B' Mouse Killer Poison is a highly effective professional-grade mouse bait delivering rapid results. Containing the strongest concentration of Brodifacoum – This should NOT be confused with the weaker, less potent rodenticide, Bromadiolone.

Despite what many companies claim, Pest Expert Formula B+ provides the strongest range of rat and mouse poisons available in the UK and is designed to kill in a single feed.

Proven to be up to 4 x stronger than other poisons containing Bromadiolone or Difenacoum, the result with Pest Expert Rodenticides is always faster, more effective control and therefore better value for money! 

  • Contains maximum strength Brodifacoum
  • Made from top quality whole-wheat grain
  • No wax content so highly palatable to mice
  • Suitable for indoor use
Product Information
Formula 'B' Mouse Killer is the strongest and most effective mouse poison for sale to the amateur market as it contains maximum strength Brodifacoum (0.0029%), which is four times stronger than Bromadiolone when used against mice.

Manufactured using only the finest quality whole-wheat grain, Formula 'B' is wax-free, which makes it highly palatable to mice, ensuring excellent uptake and rapid results.

Formula 'B' can be used both indoors and outdoors to get rid of mice in gardens, sheds, lofts and kitchens. Formula 'B' is also suitable for mouse control in business premises such as restaurants, food premises, factories and farms.

Directions for use
Our heavy-duty lockable Mouse Bait Boxes should be used to securely house the mouse poison. Open each bait box and fill the central chamber with a sachet of Formula 'B'. Close/lock the box and place at intervals where mouse activity has been noticed. Check the bait station every 2-3 days and replenish mouse poison as necessary until no more bait is taken. 

When using any type of rodenticide, care should always be taken to ensure that it is not accessible to children or non-target species such as pets or other forms of wildlife. 

For the best value for money, please see our
Mouse Poison Kits, which contain two types of poison - Formula 'B' Mouse Killer grain bait and Mouse Bait Blocks – and are supplied with lockable indoor mouse bait stations, bait trays and a professional advice sheet to help you achieve and maintain successful rodent control.

Contains Brodifacoum at 0.0029% w/w 
Authorisation No: UK-2017-1051-0001
Use Biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use. 

Now supplied in easy-to-use 60g measured sachets, enabling precise baiting for improved control. 

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