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Pest Expert Clothes Moth Killer Cassettes (Twinpack) **NEW**

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Pest Expert Clothes Moth Killer Cassettes are an outstanding moth control product for protecting garments in wardrobes and drawers from clothes moth damage.

  • Max strength transfluthrin kills eggs and larvae as well as adult moths
  • Protect woollens, cashmeres, silks and other natural fabrics against moth damage
  • Effective for up to 6 months – with handy date indicator
  • Fragrance-free: no unpleasant odour
  • Pack of 2 cassettes treats one double wardrobe or 2 large drawers
Product information
These all new Pest Expert Clothes Moth Killer Cassettes are an outstanding moth control product for protecting garments in wardrobes and drawers from clothes moth damage. The Cassettes emit a powerful moth-killing insecticide (1.3% w/w transfluthrin) which is highly effective against eggs and larvae as well as adult clothes moths, safeguarding your woollens, silks and cashmeres for a 6-month period.

Pest Expert Clothes Moth Cassettes are an essential component in comprehensive moth prevention, and are ideal for maintaining long-term moth control following an insecticidal clothes moth treatment to eradicate any initial clothes moth infestation.

The discreet, light-blue Moth Cassettes have an integral hook for hanging over clothes rails in wardrobes or, alternatively, they can be placed between layers of clothing or bedding in drawers and chests, providing moth protection to stored garments and fabrics. Each Cassette has a handy date indicator to alert you when it needs replacing.

Unlike other similar products on the market which have are strongly scented, Pest Expert Moth Killer Cassettes are completely odourless, ensuring that your clothing and/or fabrics remain fresh, odour-free and protected against moth damage.

A twinpack contains 2 cassettes, which will provide protection to a space of 1 cubic metre, sufficient for a standard wardrobe: approx 2m (H) x 1m (W) x 0.5m (D) or 2 large drawers.

Directions for use
For use in wardrobes: Pull out the hanger and hook over the clothes rail. For use in drawers: Place the cassette flat down with the slotted side facing upwards. Slide the date indicator to the month of first use or expiry as preferred. Clothing does not need to be laundered or dry cleaned after using this product.

For a complete moth treatment package, see our best-selling Clothes Moth Kits, which contain a  combination of our most effective products for clothes moth control, including Formula ‘C’ Clothes Moth Killer Spray and Formula ‘P+’ Foggers as well as Moth Cassettes, Moth Killer Papers and Clothes Moth Traps.


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Customer Reviews

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Reviewer: David Jewson from Ilminster   5 Stars
Reliable Fast delivery with nothing missing. What else can I say?

Reviewer: Phillipa McAuley from Darlington   5 Stars
Happy customer Competitive price for goods exactly as described, fast and fair delivery. No problems, very satisfied.

Reviewer: Jimi from Wrexham   5 Stars
The cassettes were odourless and discreet! The price was competitive and they functioned as per the listing!

Reviewer: John from Oxford   5 Stars
The cassettes arrived promptly and they have been implemented. So far, so good - my woollens are still hole free!

Reviewer: William from Hereford   5 Stars
Simply great! Had a real issue with damn clothes moths and a combination of Pest Expert products eradicated the issue! The cassettes are now in place for ongoing protection and seem to be doing a sterling job!

Reviewer: Holly from Telford   5 Stars
Have previously used Rentokil Cassettes but wanted to try the Pest-Expert brand! Incredibly impressed and will be buying these going forward! Great product!

Reviewer: Phillip from Kings Lynn   5 Stars
Brilliant product! Efficient and good value for money.

Reviewer: Maxine from Cambridge   5 Stars
Excellent service. Very helpful, and extremely knowledgeable - the moth killer cassettes do what they say on the packet and are discreet!

Reviewer: Oliver from Tamworth   5 Stars
Easy product to use! Fast delivery, competitive price and more importantly kills moths!