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Mouse Poison Kit 2 (600g Mouse Poison & 30 Mouse Bait Blocks)

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Mouse Poison Kit 2 contains both Pest Expert Formula ‘B’ Mouse Killer grain bait and Mouse Bait Blocks as well as Mouse Bait Boxes and Bait Trays and is designed for the control of a moderate mouse problem. 

  • Suitable for the treatment of a moderate to large mouse infestation
  • Two types of poison enable a ‘double-pronged’ attack
  • Mouse Bait Blocks and lockable bait stations for secure baiting in sensitive areas
  • Mouse Bait Trays and Formula 'B' Mouse Poison grain bait
Product Information
All our Mouse Poison kits contain top quality, professional-grade rodenticide from market leaders Pest Expert to help you achieve successful mouse control.
Our Mouse Poison Kits offer two types of mouse bait – Formula 'B' Mouse Killer grain bait and Mouse Bait Blocks – this allows you to carry out what professional pest control technicians describe as a ‘double-pronged’ attack, which is the quickest and most effective way of eradicating a mouse infestation.

Both types of poison contain maximum strength (0.0029%) of the powerful rodenticide, Brodifacoum, and are formulated to be highly palatable to mice, ensuring high uptake and so delivering rapid results.
Mouse Poison Kit 2 includes:

600g (6 x 100g) Pest Expert Formula 'B' Mouse KillerA highly-effective professional-strength mouse poison made from top quality whole-wheat grain, Formula 'B' is highly palatable to mice, ensuring excellent uptake and rapid results. 

30 x 20g Mouse Bait Blocks (2 x 300g): Premium-grade bait blocks specially formulated for outstanding results. Made from a wax-free blend of ingredients to increase palatability, and designed to provide mice with multiple gnawing surfaces to increase bait uptake, these bait blocks will achieve rapid control of a mouse infestation in your home or business. For use with the Mouse Bait Boxes provided for secure baiting in sensitive areas. 

12 x Mouse Bait BoxesThe bait boxes are lockable and tamper-resistant so are perfect for use with Bait Blocks for safe mouse control in homes with children and/or pets. 

8 x Mouse Bait Trays
2 Pairs Nitrile Safety Gloves
Professional Rodent Advice Sheet: Instructions on how to achieve successful mouse control.

Directions for use
Open each Mouse Bait Box, place 1 Bait Blocks or one 100g sachet grain bait into the internal compartment, close/lock the boxes and place at 2-5m intervals along the edges of a room. Check bait boxes every 2-3 days and replace mouse poison and bait blocks as necessary until no more bait is taken.

Formula B grain bait is now supplied in easy-to-use 100g measured sachets, enabling precise baiting for improved control. 

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Reviewer: Stewart Mannings from Sutton Coldfield   5 Stars
CARPET MOTHS ERADICATED! We bought the larger size Carpet Moth Kit and got free delivery. The price was very good, best value I could find online. Package arrived next day, the kit was easy to use, with clear instructions. Haven't seen a single moth since. Job done! (Stewart M)

Reviewer: Miss s b from Leeds   5 Stars
Fast, efficient delivery. Product appears to work. Discreet packaging. All round, ver good service Seems to do what it says. Thank you.

Reviewer: Jeremy Spackman from Swindon   5 Stars
Clear, concise information and speedy service. Vermin control made easy.

Reviewer: Peter Rest from Woking   5 Stars
Rat & mouse bait They did their quickly and efficiently