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Mole Control Products | Mole Traps

Professional Standard Mole Traps
The mole is considered to be a nuisance creature, causing untold anger and frustration to many gardeners and homeowners alike.

Moles are very shy creatures rarely seen by man, as they tend to stay deep underground during the drier months burrowing deeper in pursuit of fresh worms. However, problems tend to start when the mole comes closer to the surface for its food source during the wetter spring and autumn months when worms are more plentiful in the top soil.

The plight of gardeners everywhere, mole hills can cause serious disruption to gardens and green spaces, especially if there are quite a few moles. Unfortunately there is little that can be done to prevent moles from digging up your garden as they are following a food source which cannot be controlled, so the quick application of mole traps is the most effective way of ridding you garden of these pests.

Which are the best Mole Traps and which one should I buy?
In line with our commitment to supply only premium grade pest control products, we only supply one type of Mole Trap which is the Tomcat Mole Trap also known as the Talpirid Mole Trap.

There are many cheaper mole traps on the market but these tend to be fiddly to use, easy to break and have varying degrees of success. The Tomcat Mole Trap or Talpirid Mole Trap, however, is considered by most professional pest control technicians to be the most effective mole trap available, and therefore the only one we recommend to deal with a mole problem.

The mole traps we sell are true heavy-duty devices which weigh in excess of 1kg. It has a proven track record for delivering results and its easy-setting mechanism has made it a firm favourite with professionals.

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TomCat Mole Trap / Talpirid Mole Trap
The Tomcat Mole Trap is a heavy-duty, professional-standard mole killer. Its highly innovative and effective design makes it easier and safer to use than traditional mole traps.
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