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Flea Treatment Kit - Advanced

£69.95 incl. VAT
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This Advanced Flea Kit contains a comprehensive selection of flea-killing products and is designed to eradicate a heavy or widespread cat or dog flea infestation in an average-size property.

  • Combination of products delivers fast knockdown
  • Maintains long-lasting flea control for up to 12 weeks!
  • Includes flea spray, flea powder and flea bombs
  • Contains natural powder safe for treating pet bedding.

Product information
This Flea Kit contains sufficient insecticide to control a flea infestation in an average 3-bedroom house. The combination of products will enable you to carry out a professional flea treatment, eradicate dog or cat fleas in your home and maintain long-lasting flea control.

Our Kits include our best-selling insecticide Pest Expert Formula 'C' Flea Spray which as well as killing on contact also offers long-lasting protection. Also supplied is six of the Formula 'P' Flea Bombs for fumigating the room and some Pest Expert Natural Flea Powder – a natural, pesticide-free flea killer that is safe enough to treat pet bedding.

This Kit includes:

1 x 5 litre Pest Expert Formula 'C+' Flea Spray: A highly-effective insecticide that offers both fast-acting and long-lasting control. Containing three powerful active ingredients, including an Insect Growth Regulator, Formula C kills fleas on contact and also leaves an insecticidal residue that continues to protect for up to 12 weeks, killing eggs and pupae as they go through the life cycle stages. A five litre spray will cover 250m2 in a single application and can be applied directly to carpets.

3 x Pest Expert Natural Flea Powder:  A completely natural flea-killing insecticide. Containing Chrysanthemum Cineraraefolium, a pesticide-free flea killer, it is perfectly safe for use in homes with children and pets and can even be used to treat pet bedding. It is perfect for areas spray cannot be used eg: around electrical goods and sockets.

6 x Pest Expert Formula 'P' Flea Bombs: A highly effective fumigation device. After lighting, the Bomb releases a permethrin smoke which fumigates a room, killing adult dog and cat fleas.  One twin pack will treat an average-size room (4m x 3m).

1 x Trigger Hose Sprayer Enables even distribution of the Formula 'C' insecticide, helping you achieve a thorough, professional application.

Directions for use
All our Flea Kits are supplied with a professional advice sheet containing step-by-step instructions on how to use the products to carry out a successful treatment.

Treatment of the home should always be carried out alongside treatment of your pet(s), if this is the source of the infestation. Always see a qualified veterinarian for advice on the best flea products to treat your pet.

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Customer Reviews

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Reviewer: Gemm from County Durham   5 Stars

I cant fault this product, we tried absolutely everything we could to get rid of a flea infestation! They came out of nowhere and just multiplied! We tried absolutely everything recommended to us, bombs, flea spray, flea powder etc you name it we tried it and nothing was getting rid of them, then we came across this and thought weve spent over £300 already what's another £85 .. so we got it and we sprayed the house from top to bottom and also set off the bombs after spraying then we left the house for around 8 hrs, when we came home, no sign of any fleas. We thought this was too good to be true, as nothing else had shifted them, still the following day, no fleas, the following week still nothing. We are now around 3 weeks in and still no sign of the creepy monsters! I am so satisfied with this product and if I ever have a re infestation I will be buying one of these kits again! Literary is the only thing that worked for us! Would highly recommend! 5 stars from us.

Reviewer: Jessie from Saxilby   5 Stars

Nothing but praise for this kit! The fleas wouldn't say the same! Finally we have got rid of the infestation :)

Reviewer: Mohammed from Bradford   5 Stars

Great products and good service! Recommend this company to anyone. Good prices, effective products and quick delivery !!

Reviewer: John from Oldham   5 Stars

Having used Pest-Experts fantastic rat poison before I had no issue with going to them for my flea products! As I thought, the products worked fantastically!

Reviewer: Ellie from Navenby   5 Stars

Fast delivery. Fast acting. I cannot fault the service and products within the kit!

Reviewer: William from York   5 Stars

Excellent service very fast delivery just what I required will use again! Have and will continue to recommend Pest-Expert - their products really do work!

Reviewer: Dez from Liverpool   5 Stars

Fast delivery and highly effective products! Highly recommended

Reviewer: Brian from Chester   5 Stars

This kit nuked all the fleas across by 4 bedroom house! Thank you so much! Our cat seems the happiest out of all of us!

Reviewer: Sarah Allen from Hastings   5 Stars


said it all already