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Flea Treatment Kit for 1 Room

£22.95 incl. VAT
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This Flea Treatment Kit contains a selection of our best flea-killer products sufficient to treat a cat or dog flea infestation in one room.

  • Combination of flea killer products delivers fast knockdown
  • Maintains long-lasting flea control for up to 12 weeks!
  • Includes flea spray, flea powder and flea bombs
  • Contains natural powder safe for treating pet bedding.

Product information
Our Flea Kits contain a selection of products to help you carry out a successful flea treatment and eradicate a cat or dog flea infestation in your home. This Kit is designed for treating an infestation affecting one room.

Our Kits include our best-selling insecticide Pest Expert Formula 'C' Flea Spray which as well as killing on contact also offers long-lasting flea control. Also supplied is twinpack of Formula 'P' Flea Bombs for fumigating the room and Diatom Flea Powder – a natural, pesticide-free flea killer that is safe enough to treat pet bedding.

This Kit includes:
1 x 1 litre
Pest Expert Formula 'C' Flea Spray: A highly-effective insecticidal spray that offers both fast-acting and long-lasting flea control as it leaves a protective residue that continues to kill cat and dog fleas for up to 12 weeks after treatment. One litre will treat approx 20 sq m and it can be applied directly to carpets.

1 x Pest Expert 
Diatom Flea Powder:  A completely natural flea-killing insecticide - diatomaceous earth - that is ideal for use in areas where a spray is unsuitable, e.g around electrical appliances and power points. Pesticide-free, it is perfectly safe for use in homes with children and pets and can even be used to treat pet bedding.

2 x
Formula 'P' Flea Bombs: A highly effective fumigation device. After lighting, the Flea Bomb releases a permethrin smoke which fumigates a room, killing adult dog and cat fleas.  One twin pack will treat an average-size room (4m x 3m).

Directions for use
All our Flea Kits are supplied with a professional advice sheet containing step-by-step instructions on how to use the products to carry out a successful treatment.

Flea treatment of the home should always be carried out alongside treatment of your pet(s), if this is the source of the infestation. Always see a qualified veterinarian for advice on the best flea products to treat your pet.

If you have a more widespread infestation then please see our larger Flea Kits, which contain the same professional-grade products but in greater quantities.

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Customer Reviews

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Reviewer: David from Wigan   5 Stars

Lovely stuff! Finally flea-free - will continue to use Pest-Expert for any pest control products!

Reviewer: Marshall from Preston   5 Stars

Incredibly satisfied with the products within this kit! Exceed expectations for sure!

Reviewer: Jamie from Exeter   5 Stars

Always use Pest Expert and just received another delivery. Nothing but good products from these guys! The kit 1 worked as all their products do - well!!!!

Reviewer: Lynne from Glasgow   5 Stars

Good product and timed delivery! The Formula C was especially effective but all the products together worked well to eradicate out minor flea issue!

Reviewer: Carl from London   5 Stars

Easy to order and the products were easy to use! The step-by-step advice sheet really helped me out! The fleas have gone as quick as they came!

Reviewer: Gwyneth from Falkirk   5 Stars

Fast, reliable service and a great bundle of flea killing products! 100% recommended!

Reviewer: Gwyneth from Falkirk   5 Stars

Fast, reliable service and a great bundle of flea killing products! 100% recommended!

Reviewer: Peter Bates from Battle   5 Stars

Infestations: the cure

Your response was immediate and your products 100% effective. Thank you.