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Demi-Diamond Food Moth Traps

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Demi-Diamond Food Moth Traps are ideal for detecting and trapping food product moths and monitoring activity following a moth treatment.

  • Effective against food product moths of the Ephestia species
  • Aid early detection perfect for monitoring activity following a moth treatment
  • Slow-release pheromone attracts adult male moths, disrupting reproduction
  • Odourless and easy to inspect
Product Information
Demi-Diamond are the market leaders in moth traps and the most popular on the market. Moth traps are ideal for aiding early detection of a moth infestation before moths have had chance to multiply and cause widespread contamination. In addition, they are also excellent for monitoring activity following a moth treatment to confirm whether moths have been eradicated or whether further treatment is necessary.

These Demi-Diamond Traps also help with reducing moth numbers as they contain a unique slow-release pheromone that attracts the adult male of the Ephestia species. The pheromone is undetectable by humans.

Each pheromone pad is effective for approx 8-12 weeks.

This listing is for 3 clear moth trap holders and 10 pheromone pads.

Directions for use
Fold the plastic holders into a toblerone shape and clip together to fix in place. Peel off the backing strip from a pheromone pad and place the pad inside the holder, sticky side out. Place traps wherever you have noticed moth activity.

As effective as they are, moth traps alone will unfortunately not eradicate a moth infestation, so we would recommend they be used alongside other moth control products such as
Pest Expert Formula 'C' Food Moth Spray and Formula 'P' Foggers.

For value for money, please see our
Food Moth Kits which contain a range of our best moth control products. 

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