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Cockroach Traps (6 Pack)

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Cockroach Traps are an ideal control product for trapping cockroaches and monitoring activity before and after a cockroach treatment.

  • 6 pack of poison-free traps
  • Pre-baited with a banana-scented attractant
  • Excellent for trapping and monitoring.
Product information
These are an excellent cockroach control product as in addition to trapping and killing cockroaches they are also ideal for identifying the location of harbourages, establishing the size of a cockroach infestation and helping monitor activity following cockroach treatment.

They are poison-free and come in packs of 6 and are pre-baited with a banana fragrance which is highly attractive to cockroaches. Cockroaches will be drawn to the scent, crawl in and become stuck in the thick adhesive.

Non-toxic and so safe for use around children and pets.

Directions for use
Fold traps into a triangle (as detailed on the packaging instructions) and place around the edges of a room or where activity has been noticed. Leave down overnight for a period of 5-7 days.

Cockroach Traps are an essential part of any comprehensive cockroach treatment, but used alone will not control an infestation. For successful cockroach control, they should be used alongside other products such as Pest Expert Formula 'C' Cockrach Spray, Formula 'P' Cockroach Powder and Formula 'P' Foggers or Smoke Bombs.

A combination of professional grade products, including traps, can be found in our Cockroach Kits, which offer better value for money than purchasing items individually.

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