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Cockroach Killer Kit for Professional / Commercial Kitchen

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Our largest Cockroach Kit is designed for treating a heavy infestation of cockroaches in both domestic environments and commercial premises including restaurants and food processing factories. 

  • For treating large or professional kitchens
  • Combination of products delivers fast knockdown of cockroaches
  • Includes cockroach spray, powder and traps
  • Effective control of cockroaches for up to 12 weeks!
Product information
This Kit contains a comprehensive range of our best cockroach killing products and is perfect for carrying out treatment to eradicate a heavy cockroach infestation in a domestic or professional kitchen.

All our Cockroach Kits include our best-selling insecticides Pest Expert Formula 'C' Cockroach Spray and Formula 'P' Powder which as well as delivering a rapid knockdown also provide long-lasting cockroach control. Also supplied are Cockroach Traps for monitoring activity before and after treatment.

This Kit includes:
1 x 5 litre
Pest Expert Formula 'C' Spray: A highly-effective insecticidal spray that offers both fast-acting and long-lasting cockroach control. Containing three powerful active ingredients, including an Insect Growth Regulator, Formula C+ kills cockroaches on contact and also leaves an insecticidal residue that continues to protect for up to 12 weeks, killing cockroach eggs and nymph as they go through the life cycle stages. A five litre spray will cover 250m2 in a single application and can be applied directly to household furnishings.

3 x
Pest Expert Formula 'P' Powder:  An insecticidal dust that is ideal for use in areas where a spray is unsuitable, e.g around electrical appliances and power points.

3 x 6 pack
Cockroach Traps: Poison-free and pre-baited with a banana-scented attractant, these sticky traps are excellent for trapping and killing, locating harbourages and monitoring activity following treatment.

1 x Trigger Hose Sprayer
 Enables even distribution of the Formula 'C' insecticide, helping you achieve a thorough, professional application. 

Directions for use
All our Kits are supplied with a professional advice sheet containing step-by-step instructions on how to use the products to carry out a successful treatment of cockroaches.

It is advisable to treat a cockroach infestation at the first sign of activity, before numbers increase. To establish the scale the problem, first conduct a thorough inspection of the affected area, paying particular attention to wall-floor junctions, inside/beneath kitchen units, behind electrical appliances (especially fridges) and between tiles/floorboards.

As well as carrying out a comprehensive treatment using residual insecticides, fumigation devices and traps, to further aid future control, ensure that all foodstuffs are stored in sealed containers, cracks and crevices are filled, damp problems are repaired, all surfaces kept clean and all rubbish disposed of regularly.

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Reviewer: Bobby from Chatsworth   5 Stars

Very good service, items arrived very quickly and were just as described I would definitely recommend Pest Expert.

Reviewer: Shannon from Alton   5 Stars

Effective product, delivery as promised and good packaging. Pest Expert really know their stuff!!

Reviewer: Corrine from Telford   5 Stars

Expert advice and top quality products. Will certainly use again if the cockroaches return!

Reviewer: Ellie from Penrith   5 Stars

I opted for the large kit as we have a substantial sized kitchen. The order arrived on time and the products were very effective!

Reviewer: David from Manchester   5 Stars

Free next day delivery of a highly effective treatment kit! Exceptional service