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Cluster Fly Control Kit (with Formula 'P' Smoke Bombs)

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This Cluster Fly Control Kit contains a selection of our best cluster fly killer products, including Pest Expert Formula 'P' Fumer Smoke Bombs, to enable you to carry out a successful cluster fly treatment.

  • Best-selling cluster fly treatment pack
  • Eradicates cluster flies in lofts, roof spaces and living areas
  • Combination of products delivers fast knockdown
  • Provides long-lasting cluster fly control for up to 12 weeks!
Product Information
This Cluster Fly Control Kit contains a carefully selected combination of highly effective cluster fly killing products that will help you carry out a successful cluster fly treatment and eradicate a cluster fly infestation in your home. The Kit contains sufficient product for several cluster fly treatments to a standard roof space.

In addition to fumigating Pest Expert Formula 'P' Smoke Bombs, which will flush out cluster flies in lofts, roof spaces and other areas, this Kit also includes the residual insecticides Pest Expert Formula 'C' Cluster Fly Spray, and Pest Expert Formula 'P' Powder, which offer longer-lasting cluster fly control.

The Kit includes:
4 x
Pest Expert Formula 'P' Fumer Smoke Bombs:  Ideal for flushing out cluster flies from lofts, roof spaces or other areas of the home.  Once lit, these cluster fly killing smoke bombs release an insecticidal (permethrin) smoke which will kill all cluster flies present at the time of treatment. One smoke bomb treats an area of approx 120 cubic metres. Two smoke bombs will treat a standard roof space.

1 x 1 litre Pest Expert Formula 'C' Cluster Fly Killer Spray: A highly-effective cluster fly killer spray that offers both fast-acting and long-lasting cluster fly control. Containing three powerful active ingredients, including an Insect Growth Regulator, Formula C+ kills cluster flies on contact and also leaves an insecticidal residue that continues to protect for up to 12 weeks.  For application to alighting surfaces including roof beams and window frames. 

1 x Pest Expert Formula 'P' Cluster Fly Powder 300g:  A residual fly killing insecticide for treating alighting surfaces.

Directions for use
Our Cluster Fly Control Kits are supplied with a professional advice sheet that gives you step-by-step instructions on how to use our cluster fly products to carry out a successful cluster fly treatment.

Smoke Bombs should be used when you notice signs of cluster fly infestation as they have no residual value so will only kill cluster flies present at the time of treatment.


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Customer Reviews

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Reviewer: Andrew from North Yorkshire   5 Stars


I only used the smoke bombs. I was, to begin with, a bit surprised as they set off and smoked a lot then seemed to fizzle out. But about half an hour later, my wife came to tell me that all around the outside of the house there were hundreds and hundreds of flies falling from the eaves. Over the space of about four hours the outside was covered in the things. And we had hardly seen any in the house at all previously, just the odd one or two. This stuff is utterly amazing. We have been plagued with these flies for years. Today is a warm day, and I would have expected a few dozen to be out and about. Not a single one is around now. I can't recommend this highly enough and how satisfying it is to see them falling like rain from my house with minimal effort. The bombs hardly smell at all, and are so easy to use. I am about to order a new supply as this is now my favourite hobby!

Reviewer: Harold from York   5 Stars


Just brilliant! The products worked straight away and the flies haven't been seen for days

Reviewer: Noel from Glasgow   5 Stars

I needed a fast solution to a potential cluster fly issue and this company provided a range of affordable options that were easy to use. The cluster fly kit with smoke bombs seemed like the perfect solution and it worked a treat!

Reviewer: Ashley from Manchester   5 Stars

The kit had everything that was needed. It was easy-to-use and incredibly effective!

Reviewer: Gertrude from Penrith   5 Stars

Very happy with the service and the product (kit with smoke bombs). Would recommend them every time

Reviewer: Darren from Stratford   5 Stars

Was at my wits end and have spent a fortune on various methods to rid my attack of cluster flies. Used the smoke bombs followed by spray and powder. After one use they have diminished by 95 per cent. Will use another smoke bomb soon to get the rest hopefully. Delighted.

Reviewer: Edward from Cardiff   5 Stars

Cluster flies insist on visiting us every autumn/winter, so we are well used to ordering the treatment kit. The service is always very good and the products are effective in killing off the infestation

Reviewer: Deborah from Leeds   5 Stars

Great selection of products at a very competitive price! Better than that, the product actually work! 100% recommended

Reviewer: Jacqui Smith from Peterborough   5 Stars

good company to deal with

ordering easy online - no fuss - order carried out and delivered quickly

Reviewer: Christopher S from Eglwysbach   5 Stars

one pest less rather than one more problem

The service and delivery of items was good and without problem. The effectiveness of the items will be known later in the year. I will advise next spring if asked