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Clothes Moth Control Kit for 2 Rooms

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This Clothes Moth Control Kit contains twice the quantities of Kit 1 and is designed for carrying out a clothes moth treatment to two rooms or double wardrobes. The combination of clothes moth products will enable you to achieve a fast knockdown and maintain successful clothes moth control for up to 6 months. 

  • Combination of products delivers fast knockdown of clothes moths
  • Long-lasting protection – offers control for up to 6 months
  • Includes clothes moth spray, clothes moth traps and moth killer hanging units as well as fumigating Foggers
  • Sufficient for treatment to two rooms or double wardrobes

Product information
Our Clothes Moth Control Kits contain a carefully selected combination of the best clothes moth products from Pest Expert to help you achieve a rapid knockdown of a moth infestation and maintain effective moth control for up to 6 months!

This Kit contains sufficient products to treat an infestation affecting two rooms or double wardrobes. In addition to our best-selling Pest Expert Formula 'C' Clothes Moth Spray, this Kit also contains fumigating Formula 'P' Foggers, Pest Expert Moth Killer Hanging Units,
Pest Expert Moth Killer Strips and Demi-Diamond Moth Traps.

This Kit includes:
1 x 1 litre
Pest Expert Formula 'C' Clothes Moth Spray: Formula C is a highly-effective clothes moth killer that offers both fast-acting and long-lasting control. Containing three powerful active ingredients, including an Insect Growth Regulator, Formula C+ kills clothes moths on contact and also leaves an insecticidal residue that continues to protect for up to 12 weeks, killing eggs and larvae as they transition through the life cycle stages. For application to the interiors of wardrobes and drawers. One litre treats 50m2.

2 x
Pest Expert Formula 'P' Foggers: The Fogger is an aerosol fumigation device which releases an insecticidal gas, delivering a rapid knockdown of clothes and carpet moths.  It does not need to be lit and so is perfectly safe for use in enclosed spaces like wardrobes. The gas leaves no visible deposits so will not taint or damage clothing or furniture. Each Fogger will treat one standard room or wardrobe.

4 x
Pest Expert Moth Killer Cassettes (2 Twinpacks):  Designed to hang in wardrobes for the protection of woollen, silk and cashmere clothing.  Contain ‘transfluthrin’ which not only kills adult clothes moths but also moth eggs and larvae. Odourless and non-staining, each Unit is effective for up to 6 months. One twinpack will protect a standard double wardrobe.

2 x
Pest Expert Moth Killer Strips (1 twinpack): These foldable sheets can be cut to size and inserted into drawers to protect garments against clothes moths. Like the Moth Killer Hanging Units the Strips also contain transfluthrin and are odourless and non-staining. One strip will protect a large drawer or approx 1m3.

2 x Demi-Diamond Moth Traps: Ideal for aiding early detection of an infestation and for monitoring activity following treatment. The slow-release pheromone attracts the adult male clothes moth, which disrupts the breeding cycle and helps reduce numbers. A pheromone pad lasts approx 8-12 weeks.

Directions for use
All our Clothes Moth Kits are supplied with a professional advice sheet containing step-by-step instructions on how to use the products to carry out a successful treatment.

If you’ve discovered those tell-tale holes in your clothes, then it is best to tackle the problem as soon as possible before moth numbers can increase and cause more extensive damage. As clothes moths are part of the Tineola species – a textile pest – they will feed on any natural fibres and can go on to attack woollen carpets, so early treatment is essential.

If you have a severe or widespread infestation affecting several rooms/wardrobes then please see our
Clothes Moth Control Kit for 3-4 Rooms, which includes the same products but in greater quantities.

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Reviewer: Neil from Portsmouth   5 Stars

No complaints at all! Products were incredibly effective and delivered quickly!

Reviewer: Stephen from Liverpool   5 Stars

The products were delivered in a timely manner and were very effective! The moths have gone and I can get back to normal life :-)

Reviewer: Jimmy from Rotherham   5 Stars

First class products! The combination worked like a charm - entirely satisfied with my purchase!

Reviewer: Nate from York   5 Stars

Fantastic service! After a pretty extreme clothes moth infestation, we opted for the clothes moth kit for 2 rooms! We followed the step by step instructions and the moths are nowhere to be seen! Thanks Pest-Expert for supplying such professional products!

Reviewer: David from Leeds   5 Stars

The Clothes Moth Kit arrived promptly, it was simple to use and 100% effective - would definitely recommend!

Reviewer: Andre from Uxbridge   5 Stars

Very easy to buy from the website, goods arrived quickly and were incredibly effective!

Reviewer: Charlotte from Liverpool   5 Stars

Delivery was prompt and the products in the treatment kit are easy to use and work effectively!