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Giant wasp nest found in Basingstoke
A pest controller found a wasp nest the size of 10 rugby balls in Basingstoke. Shane Jones, the owner of Ridtek Pest Control was on a job when he found the giant wasps nest. The nest had several queens inside and measured 8 feet around – the nest was...
Fleas in the UK this summer
With the increased temperature during the summer months, all insects are much more prevalent and breed at a much faster rate. This leads to many homes throughout the UK having problems with insect pests. Fleas are no different and are a lot more common...
The latest additions to Pest Expert's insecticides
Here at Pest Expert we are continually expanding our product lines and looking for the latest and most effective products in rodent and insect eradication. Within the last few years we have took on several new product line and in the last few months...
The glorious summer weather has led to perfect surroundings for fleas to breed at alarming rates
Cambridge in particular has produced an ideal environment for fleas this Summer due to the warm weather.
Should we be following New York's cunning rodent control plan – and getting rats drunk?
It’s no secret that there are a lot of rats in the UK and especially cities like London. It is a problem that can have catastrophic effects on humans and their health and is a problem that needs to be dealt with. There are many ways to deal with a rodent...