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5 of the ugliest animals
The two main types of Rat in the UK
There are two types of rat commonly found in the UK, one being the Brown Rat and the other the Black Rat. They look and behave quite similar, however there are differences.
Neglected dog died after being locked in flea-infested cage under stairs
Bobby, a West Highland Terrier, was found by a district nurse in a filthy cage under the stairs in a flea infested cupboard during a visit at Yvonne Mcallister’s house.
Drones help Galapagos tackle rat infestation
Conservationists in the Galapagos Islands are using drones to help eradicate rats that are threatening populations of indigenous birds.  The drones have dropped poison on nearly half North Seymour Island in an attempt kill of the invasive species....
Baby mouse tears could be used to create ‘natural pest control’
The tears of baby mice make adult female mice less interested in mating, meaning in theory they could be used as a form of pest control. A study carried out by scientists in Japan has revealed that pheromones produced by young mice override the sex stimulating...