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What to do if you are attacked by a swarm of wasps or hornets

What to do if you are attacked by a swarm of wasps or hornets

If you are dealing with a wasps nest and haven’t worn the correct protection, wasps can co-ordinate attacks to inflict hundreds of stings on someone in less than a minute.

Run away as fast as you can, until reaching shelter; such as a vehicle or building.

Don’t jump into water as wasps and hornets will wait for you to come to the surface for air.

If you have more than one layer on, pull your top over your head to help protect your face.

If you have been stung multiple times, begin to feel sick or dizzy or even have a slight inclination you may be allergic, seek medical help immediately. As even one wasp sting can be deadly without being treated for people who are seriously allergic.

Are wasps and hornets really so bad?

Wasps and hornets are carnivorous, feeding on plant-eating insects such as ants and termites. This helps cut down the population of these pests on our farms. Without wasps, the increased number of other insects would impact food supply, so they do play an important role in balancing the ecosystem, but have no role at your summer BBQ!