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UK Rat Problem

UK Rat Problem

Experts have warned that the mix of hot and rainy weather has created a perfect storm ideal for rat infestations hitting the suburbs.

The milder weather has allowed rodents to live, while long hot summers create the perfect conditions for mice and rats to leave their nests and breed rapidly, which means this year has been perfect for them.

And as autumn and winter is quickly approaching the temperature drop will cause rats and mice to migrate indoors, where there is more food and shelter for them.

Rats and mice are mostly active at night, so if you hear scratching noises its assign that you may have them, but because they are nocturnal it can be a long time before you have realised, they have invaded your home.

Due to the corona virus and lockdown they have moved away from inner cities in search of food which has led to a surge of rats that are often spotted in suburban streets