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The most common Spring & Summer pests

The most common Spring & Summer pests


Most households around the UK sadly endure flies in the warmer months. Flies can find their way into your home through the smallest of gaps, making it almost impossible to fly-proof your home. Flies tend to come in through windows and doors and will annoyingly buzz around. Thankfully, we sell products that manages them and keeps them at bay.  Pest Expert sell residual sprays and powders and fumigation devices to manage the numbers of flies in your home.


As the weather starts to get warmer, you may start to see ants in your garden. The most common species of ant found in the UK is the Black Garden Ant. This ant tends to nest outdoors under paving stones and slabs. The ants can be controlled with a variety of Pest Expert products which can be found by visiting


Frequently discovered in loft and attic spaces, wasps’ nests are often identified by noticing wasps flying out from under roof tiles or the eaves of the property. In many instances’ wasps’ nests can be easily treated with the Pest Expert Formula ‘P’ Powder. As the powder is supplied in a puffer pack, it can be applied to the entry point of the nest, and when the wasps travel in and out, they will carry the insecticide inside.