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The latest additions to Pest Expert's insecticides

The latest additions to Pest Expert's insecticides

Here at Pest Expert we are continually expanding our product lines and looking for the latest and most effective products in rodent and insect eradication. Within the last few years we have took on several new product line and in the last few months we’ve created two of the most effective products in insect eradication.

The Pest Expert Formula 'P+' Advanced Killer Spray Insecticide Concentrate is the strongest product we offer and can be used to treat any insect pest. It is a new-to-market maximum-strength insecticide concentrate, formulated for the rapid knockdown of insects whilst providing a long-lasting residue for maintaining control. Formula ‘P+’ is the only product on the UK market containing three active ingredients making it unrivalled in its ability to control and eradicate insect infestations, from minor to large and established. The unique combination of active ingredients: Tetramethrin (1%), Permethrin (6%) and PBO (18%) have only recently been approved for amateur use meaning it cannot be found anywhere else, making it the strongest and most effective insect killer on the amateur market.

The Pest Expert Formula 'IC' Advanced Cockroach Killer Gel is a professional cockroach gel for eradicating all levels of cockroach infestation in commercial and residential situations. The potent and fast-acting gel provides fantastic results within 24 hours with the entire infestation being eradicated within 1 week. Each drop can kill 50+ cockroaches and each 10g syringe contains 300 drops! 1 x 10g tube will treat an area of 100m2 and will remain effective for 3 months.

These are just two of the new products we’ve created and in the near future there will be new products coming that are even more effective.