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The insects of famous Bushtucker Trials

The insects of famous Bushtucker Trials

I’m a celebrity is without a doubt one of the UK’s favourite TV shows and is always highly anticipated. From bushtucker trials to dingo dollar challenge, the UK’s population always goes mad for the show. The bushtucker trials always have some pretty spectacular critters that can make the watcher feel itchy and want to hide behind their pillow.

Here are some of the main critters used in the bushtucker trials -


Rats are a common critter used in bushtucker trials. Many people in the UK and across the world are incredibly afraid of rats, largely to do with the way they look and scurry around, however, rats pose many other risks. They can carry some very serious diseases like hantavirus, rat bite fever and leptospirosis. In addition, they can cause untold damage to buildings inside and out and can cause fire through biting electrical wires.


If you asked most people what their biggest fear, me included, it would be spiders. Spiders feature heavily in the bushtuker trials. House spiders in the UK are much smaller than the ones used in the trials. Many people like to rid their homes of spiders, however, they can act as a natural form of pest control due to them eating insects such as flies and moths.


Cockroaches are a common critter used in bushtucker trials. They are small creepy crawlies that feed on anything from small insects to leaves and plants. It is a common fact that cockroaches are the only species that would be able to survive nuclear bomb. But due to the nature of cockroaches, they can quickly infest a house so need to be dealt with by using proper pest control products.