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The different biting insects that can invade your home

The different biting insects that can invade your home

There are many different types of insects that can infest your home, each can be an annoyance to the homeowner in different ways. There are insects that can be destructive and cause thousands of pounds worth of damage, insects that come in in their thousands and are an annoyance to anyone living in the home and other than are parasites of man and bite humans.

The main insects that infest the home and attack humans are as follows.


Fleas are an incredibly common pest in the UK and are more prevalent in the summer months – this is largely to do with their breeding cycle and they breed in warmer temperatures. Commonly fleas enter the property on animals such as dogs and cats and can quickly spread through the home. On the bright side, there are many products available that get quickly eradicate fleas from the home. Pest Expert sell Flea Treatment Kits which contain everything you need to kill the flea life cycle and also to leave ongoing protection.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are now a much more common pest due to humans travel habits increasing in recent years. This has led to bed bugs being passed from human to human and household to household much more frequently than in the past. Luckily the advancements in insecticides has helped homeowners rid their properties of these unwanted guests. Pest Expert have a vast range of insecticides and treatment kits which are all highly effective against bed bugs.


Scabies are not as common as fleas and bed bugs, however, they are probably the most destructive to the human body. They cause an awful, itchy red rash all over the body. Like bed bugs, they are transferred from human to human. It is advisable to see a doctor if scabies infest your home. Insecticides such as Pest Expert Formula C Spray can be used to help eradicate scabies from the home.