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The British Rat Invasion: 120 million rat to enter UK home this winter

The British Rat Invasion: 120 million rat to enter UK home this winter

Rat populations entering UK homes in the winter is nothing new, however, experts are predicting 120 million of the rodents to be descending upon homes in the UK this winter. Weather professionals are expecting the coming winter to be one of the coldest in 60 years which will lead to many homes harbour rats as they try to escape the freezing temperatures.

Predicted to be double the size of the UK’s population, this number of rats has never been seen in the UK and experts are rather concerned. The British Pest Control Association (BCPA) are incredibly worried about the diseases the rats can carry including: Weil’s disease, Salmonella and Listeria. These are very dangerous to humans and in worst case scenarios, they can even lead to death.

Mr Bates, a well know Pest Control Professional, said “Recent heavy rain has forced many rats above ground. There is lots of food around for rats at the moment, with ripe fruit and crops from harvesting, so the rat population is peaking at the moment. As it gets colder, however, as it is now, rats will move closer to food supplies indoors and for somewhere warm to nest - that means people’s homes.”

In addition to the health risks rats can pose on humans, they also can cause untold structural damage. The British Pest Control Associate state: “Rats can inflict an enormous amount of structural damage. They can cause severe fires by gnawing away the insulation around electrical cables, floods by puncturing pipes and even death by chewing through gas pipes. The insurance sector has estimated that rodent damage to wiring is responsible for 25% of all electrical fires in buildings.”

Whatever the outcome this winter, keep safe and if you need rodent treatment, only buy from reputable sources like: