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The biggest spiders in the world

The biggest spiders in the world

The Goliath Bird Eating Tarantula

The largest spider in the world is the Goliath Bird Eating Tarantula, it can grow up to a foot in length and as its name says, can eat birds. Yikes! The fangs of this spider can grow up to 1 inch long and whilst the bite is not poisonous to humans, it can leave the victim with severe pain, nausea and profuse sweating. The Goliath Bird Eating Tarantula is considered to be bigger than the Huntsman Spider because of its heavier body mass. The Goliath has tiny hairs on its body which, when threatened, shoots them at whatever is threatening it.

The Huntsman Spider

The Huntsman is a massive spider, just like the Goliath, the Huntsman’s body can reach up to 1 foot. This spider is native to Asia, however, can be found in subtropical areas of Florida, Texas and California. The spiders travelled into the USA by hitching a ride on Bananas which is why they can be referred to as ‘Banana Spiders’ in America. One of the creepiest facts about the Huntsman is they can run really fast in all directions and on smooths surfaces such as glass without a problem.

Brazilian Salmon Pink Birdeater

Despite the name and unlike the Goliath, this spider does not eat birds, instead it feeds on insects, lizards, mice and frogs. It has a 10 inch leg span, a brown body and salmon pink hairs that it shoots at its prey to disable them. It then pounces on its prey and spits digestive juices on it, pre-digesting it ready for the spider to suck it up. The one risk the Brazilian Salmon Pink Birdeater has is the massive deforestation currently occurring in Brazil.

Brazilian Giant Tawny Red Tarantula

Native to Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina, the Brazilian Giant Tawny Red Tarantula is among the biggest spiders in the world. Personally, I think this is the creepiest looking on this list. It can have a leg span of up to 10.2 inches and is can be found as a pet worldwide. This is one of the only spiders where the mother actually sticks around to help it break the egg sack.