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The best way to treat wasps and wasps nest in the property

The best way to treat wasps and wasps nest in the property

Wasps are becoming a more and more a common problem to homeowners across the UK. Like all insect pests, they are a lot more prevalent in the summer months. They live both indoors and outdoors and can cause painful stings on people. However, there are ways to eradicate and kill the nasty, unwanted pest from your property.

If you have eyes on the nest then you will treat it in a different way and with different products than if you didn’t. If the nest is in a room, for example a loft space, you can use a smoke bomb to kill any wasps flying in the airspace – this will allow you to get closer to the nest without getting stung. Once you get within spraying distance of the nest you can apply a wasp nest killer spray or foam which will surround the nest, encase it and kill it from the outside.

If you don’t have eyes on the nest, then the treatment process will be slightly different. A lot of wasps nests appear in air-brick and can rarely be seen, however, you can tell there is a wasp nest there as a lot of wasps will be entering and exiting through the air-brick. To treat this kind of wasp nest, an insecticidal powder is the best form of attack. Puffing a powder into the air-brick will allow the powder to enter the top of the nest. In addition, wasps will travel in and out of the nest taking powder in each time, which will kill the nest from the inside.

There are many ways to treat wasps nests but these are two of the most common and effective ways to eradicates wasps nests.