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The best way to treat bed bugs

The best way to treat bed bugs

Bed bugs are a common pest in the UK and are seen by many as the worst pest to have. This is largely to do with the fact they are a parasite of humans and their bite can cause a lot of itching and pain. A common misconception is that bed bugs come from an unclean house, however, this is not the case. Bed bugs are transferred from property to property on humans, so they can be easily picked up from hotels, on public transport or another person bringing them into the property.

There are many different products and different methods of treating bed bugs, however, some are a lot more effective. One thing many people do when they find out they have bed bugs is opt for a smoke bomb and thing that will solve the problem. A smoke bomb on its own will never solve an established bed bug problem. The problem with just using a smoke bomb is they only treat the volume of the airspace and are non-residual, so will not get in places such as the cracks and slats in the bed frame and stitching lines of mattresses. They also do not leave a residue, so after ventilation there is no chemical residue to maintain ongoing control. Residual insecticides are very important when treating bed bugs, products like Pest Expert Formula P+ Concentrate and Formula C Spray leave a residue that continues to kill bed bugs and help to maintain long-lasting control. Other products such as Pest Expert Formula P Powder are fantastic at killing the full life-cycle including eggs which is imperative when eradicating a full infestation.

In short, the principal of combining active ingredients and delivery methods is the best form of bed bug control. So different products that target different stages of the life-cycle is the best form of bed beg treatment.