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Killer Asian hornets set to flood Britain during 'hottest spring ever'

Killer Asian hornets set to flood Britain during 'hottest spring ever'

Britain is to see the hottest spring on record and whilst this might sound appealing, a swarm of ferocious bee-killing Asian Hornets are set to swap the British Isles this summer. These deadly insects have already been blamed for killing 5 people in France and they are on their way to the UK.

Asian Hornets nests have been found in New Alresford and Brockenhurst in Hampshire's New Forest causing panic to residents. Earlier this month it was reported that Asian Hornets were spotted in the Channel Islands as they made their way to the UK. Other than their threat to human, they also pose a threat to bees and other pollinators.

Christine McClellan, of the Isle of Wight Beekeeping Association, said: "It is vital we increase the urgent awareness required of Islanders to this impending disaster. The more people who know and understand the threat, the more people will report sightings, and the more can be done to nip the expansion of this potential disaster in the bud. If this species is allowed to establish itself on the Isle of Wight, or indeed anywhere in the UK, the effects are going to be disastrous to the ecosystem."

West Dorset Beekeepers Association have said the number of sightings is on the rise and it’s a “matter of when, not if" it establishes itself permanently. Association chairwoman Caroline Dilke said: "Last year, six nests were spotted in this country and destroyed before they could gain a foothold by producing fertile queens. Any day now, queen hornets will be emerging from hibernation. What to look for? Our native European hornet looks like a large wasp, with a mainly yellow body and brown legs."

An Asian Hornet epidemic is certainly a scary thought.