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How the recent storms in the UK affect rats

How the recent storms in the UK affect rats

It’s no secret the last few weeks, the UK has seen some relentless storms. This can affect rats and their behaviour in different ways. The amount of rain that has fallen in the last few weeks has caused flooding up and down the country. A lot of rats originate from the sewers and with the floods, a lot of the sewers have flooded which has caused the death of a high number of rats. In addition, rivers, canals and streams have flooded, leaving rat holes flooded and causing death to a lot of rats.

The rats that manage to escape the floods look for harbourage from the adverse weather conditions and this can be in people’s houses. Rats are incredibly good climbers and can squeeze their bodies through small holes which can gain them entry to houses up and down the country. One way to try and keep the rats at bay to seal any holes up with a professional rodent sealant or with expanding foam mixed with steel wire wool. Alternatively, there are products such as the Rentokil Beacon, which is a rat and mouse repeller. This emits two frequencies, ultrasonic and electromagnetic waves are released from the device which deters rodents from entering the property.

Weather conditions at either end of the spectrum will have an effect on rodents and their behaviour. Here at Pest-Expert we are always on hand to assist you in anyway and help you rid you property of any unwanted guests.