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Fleas in the UK this summer

Fleas in the UK this summer

With the increased temperature during the summer months, all insects are much more prevalent and breed at a much faster rate. This leads to many homes throughout the UK having problems with insect pests. Fleas are no different and are a lot more common during the summer months and many homes across the UK are currently facing these issues.

4 tell-tale signs your pet has fleas

Spots or scars on the skin could mean your pet is infested with fleas

Thickened skin in areas around the edges of ears

Areas of hair loss, bald or sore patches

Your pet is scratching

These are all tell-tale signs that your pet has fleas and if you notice this, you should act right away or else the problem with escalate.

What to do if you notice your pet has fleas?

One of the biggest rules when dealing with a flea infestation is to the treat your pet and the house at the same time as if you don’t the fleas can jump from the animal back to the house and vice versa. Treating your animal should be relatively easy, simply apply flea drop to the fur of the animal as guided by your vet.

Treating the room is always best done in three stages - A smoke bomb or aerosol to fumigate the room and kill the population open to the airspace, using powders to work into carpets and under skirting boards where the eggs will be harboured and using residual sprays on surfaces to give you an on-going form of pest control to deal with any insect missed from the fumigation or powder stage of the treatment and to prevent the risk of cross contamination between pet and home.

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